Will Travel, Have Camera

Since my news photography days, I’ve tended to always carry one camera and appropriate lens wherever I go and I used to take just about my entire setup with me everywhere in the car, just in case something interesting happened. Then I became a bit more sensible and left just the E-P1 in the car as a permanent camera, but just about every time that I wanted to use it, the battery was dead.

Party - Melbourne Victoria

Party – Melbourne Victoria

So I started to just rely on my mobile phone camera for when something unusual cropped up. Now mobile phone cameras have improved in leaps and bounds over the years, and even my old smartphone took some pretty good photographs, all things considered. The problem was that it was a lousy mobile phone that struggled to get reception even in the city, let alone when you went further afield.

Graffiti Tree - Port Melbourne Victoria

Graffiti Tree – Port Melbourne Victoria

So I gave that up and bought a very simple phone that has excellent reception and a battery that will last over a week on standby (suck on that you smartphone users), but a lousy camera and of course that’s when I find interesting subjects when out and about. Which brings me to the nub of this post. Whenever I have a good camera with me, I never seem to come across interesting subjects; those unusual things that are generally not expected. But when I don’t have a good camera with me, these interesting subjects crop up all the time.

Insert interesting photo here - White Space

Insert interesting photo here

Now I could buy a better mobile phone, but the latest models are like a Nikon D4 compared to my E-P1 when it comes to my current mobile phone. Also, I don’t need all the extraneous stuff that comes with today’s mobile phones, I just need a mobile phone that…err, makes phone calls. Maybe one day a mobile phone company could put a somewhat better camera into a simple, compact, mobile phone. That of course assumes that mobile phone companies understand the concept of a compact mobile phone.

Samsung WTF? (photo credit: Samsung)

Samsung WTF? (photo credit: Samsung)

I did also have a Panasonic LX2 which was supposed to have served the purpose of a ‘ready anywhere, anytime’ camera, but that pretty much kicked the bucket after a year of so because of flimsy construction. I guess I could keep the E-P1 in the car and remove the battery to keep the charge, but then I’d probably lose the battery. This really is a first world problem, isn’t it?