The Police State

As Australia, and the world, copes with the Coronavirus (Wuhan Virus, COVID-19 or what have you), governments around the world and notably in Australia began to impose ever more draconian rules and regulations in order to ‘save lives’. Some of the concerns and the actions were warranted, especially in the early days when little was known about the virus, but many mistakes were made by Federal and state governments and some of these mistakes exacerbated the dangers of this virus. Australia was well placed to avoid the perils that other countries had experienced and continued to experience, yet once again politics as well as experts and the like delivered the wrong assessments and outcomes and continued to do so until virus cases rose and most states, especially Victoria, began to impose restrictions and penalties that resembled a Communist era police state, with associated public support.

COVID-19 - (source: New Scientist)

COVID-19 – (source: New Scientist)

The very first mistake was not closing our borders, something that few other countries can do as effectively as Australia (because it was argued by those on the Left that it was racist or xenophobic), and the second mistake was not testing and quarantining overseas arrivals whether they had symptoms of the virus or not (ostensibly the same arguments used as for closing the borders) as well as ineptitude by the states. Countries that closed their borders as soon as the reality became evident, such as Taiwan, were well prepared for the few cases that it has experienced. Australia is far from having mass infections experienced in countries such as Italy, Spain and the US, but the figures could have been much lower and we perhaps wouldn’t have been forced to contend with the draconian rules now in place.

COVID-19 cases 11 Mar 2020 - (source: WHO)

COVID-19 cases 11 Mar 2020 – (source: WHO)

But even worse, a cruise ship with passengers infected by the virus was allowed to dock and passengers to disembark, where they then spread the virus throughout Sydney causing many infections (possibly the majority). Additionally, air travellers infected with the virus, were allowed to reenter Australia after attending a skiing trip to Aspen Colorado, without any checks on arrival (they refused testing and didn’t appear to be concerned they might be infected and attended parties after arrival in Australia). They too infected more people. Both instances were almost criminal in their negligence and the cruise ship incident is being investigated, now that the horse has bolted. What’s ironic about all of this is that the most affected areas, in Victoria at least, are all in the wealthy suburbs of Melbourne.

Ruby Princess Virus Carrier - (source: Bangkok Post)

Ruby Princess Virus Carrier – (source: Bangkok Post)

But as the virus slowly spread, the states especially went into a blind panic, ostensibly shutting down almost every activity other than a very few. People were no longer allowed to leave their homes even if it meant going where there were no other people. The state health authority listed a vague and up to interpretation set of guidelines that were then to be enforced by police which, as the stories began to unfold, they enforced with gusto. No one was immune from the Virus Police, in all states, as the panic set in. Eat a kebab in public and cop a $1000 fine. Take your daughter for a driving lesson and cop a $1600 fine. Have a visitor over at your home and cop a $1600 fine. Ride a bike and it’s a $1600 fine. Yet shopping is OK, farmer’s markets are OK, food courts are OK, accommodation facilities are OK, exercising outdoors is OK, DIY runs to Bunnings is OK and the list goes on. And it doesn’t matter whether the fines are withdrawn or not, confusing and arbitrary guidelines have everyone right royally pissed off with the government.

COVID-19 Spread - (source: Department of Health)

COVID-19 Spread – (source: Department of Health)

So while people are sent to prison for going outside when quarantined (but apparently not infected), prisoners are being released early because of fears they might become infected. In the latter case, aren’t prisoners in the most perfect of quarantine situations? Are they the most likely people to obey the law and follow self-quarantine wherever they are released? It appears that all sense and sensibility has been thrown out the window with this virus panic. But what’s still the most concerning aspect of all is the police state that has arisen, something that seems to be happening elsewhere, such as the UK and even the US. And the concern for many is that once a government gets a taste for this sort of control and power over people, they find it very difficult to relinquish that power.

Apprehending Criminals - (source: The Guardian)

Apprehending Criminals – (source: The Guardian)

Social Distancing Queensland Style - (source: ABC)

Social Distancing Queensland Style – (source: ABC)

And what would the world be, during any emergency, catastrophe or tragedy, without celebrities? Not only do they know exactly who is to blame for any and all deaths as a result of the virus, they are doing it so hard and therefore understand the difficulties, concerns and troubles that affect ordinary people during times of great stress, turmoil and danger. With comforting words they prove they know how ordinary people are feeling, they show they too are suffering in their mansions, they show the sacrifices they are making by not appearing in the media at every opportunity and then demonstrate how they can fix all the world’s ills with song. Where would we be without celebrities? In a bloody better place if only we could be without celebrities.

To top things off, Australians are now dobbing in neighbours at a rate of 600 a day (Victoria) for disobeying the state, which is reminiscent of the Communist Soviet Union. When will people start disappearing during the night? And if there’s a totalitarian in you, then this may be the best thing that you’ve heard for a  while, ‘Coronavirus data modelling has Australia in good position, but COVID-19 ‘here to stay‘:

The experts behind some of the modelling used to determine Australia’s coronavirus response say the country is in a “lucky” position — but the fight against COVID-19 will continue, as the virus is “here to stay”.

“It’s almost implausible to imagine this virus going extinct globally, which means that it will be here to stay.

“The real question is how do we transition to a world where the virus is part of everyday life.”

Perhaps we just adapt like we have for flu and cold that comes each year. The models never lie and I’m certain that this research institute would be most welcoming of the government sending them money. What would we do without experts? And what’s the cost of all of this? Quite amazing indeed. And given what I’ve been reading in the MSM, Donald Trump appears to be personally responsible for this virus, possibly creating it in a secret White House bio-lab with the intent of delaying elections so that he can become President for Life. The MSM certainly seem to be able to find people that blame him personally for killing others. But it’s the ‘experts’, politicians and the MSM who are to blame, choosing to ignore and ridicule what does work, because it doesn’t suit their political agenda. But all of that provides justification for a continued police state when it seems that it makes no difference.

And WHO is really to blame?

Footnote. During these feverish times, one thing has been evident is that many people seem to have become stir crazy and all manner of odd internet remedies have emerged. I wonder how much of this has to do with our modern society where few people have ever had to cope with any form of adversity, everything has mostly been provided for them and they have never had to do without. It certainly appears to be the more well-off that have been afflicted with cabin fever.


2 thoughts on “The Police State

  1. Adrian Hobbs

    I suggest, that the first mistake was not holding a large-scale pandemic simulation exercise since 2008.
    (see ABC report:- Australia was a world leader in planning for a pandemic in the 2000s, but events like the global financial crisis and Australian political chaos distracted successive governments
    Anther mistake was using the wrong people when delivering messages:- e.g.
    – for the first couple of weeks Scott Morrison sounded like it was all a big waste of his time
    – politicians giving medical advice that they clearly did not fully understand
    – police commissioners sounding like politicians
    Federal and state governments seemed to have no co-ordinated response. Implementing restrictions should have been done on a region by region basis (not state by state).

    1. Ray Post author

      I think the entire situation was mishandled from the get go, the world over. Politicians rely far too much on ‘experts’ for every decision they make and watch the polls like a hawk rather than being true leaders. Whenever anyone questions the ‘experts’, they get hammered by the media etc, even if they are making valid points.

      Just look at how the states are relaxing the lock down rules differently in every state in a country with as small a population as we have. What sort of message does that send to the people? It almost seems as if some Premiers are enjoying their new found powers over the people, controlling every aspect of their lives.

      Recovery from this looks like it’s going to be a very long and painful process. And with winter on its way with the usual flu epidemics and the like, we may not be out of lockdown for a very long time.

      A very interesting article here:

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