The Farmer Wants A Wife

As I posted last year, one of our local farmers has a great sense of humour and each year, usually just before Christmas, uses hay bales to create a bit of a story for those that travel along the Strzelecki Highway. This year he’s created something a little different and somewhat cryptic, which immediately made me think of farming jokes:

An aged farmer and his wife were leaning against the edge of their pig-pen when the old woman wistfully recalled that the next week would mark their golden wedding anniversary.

“Let’s have a party,” she suggested. “Let’s kill a pig.”

The farmer scratched his grizzled head. “Gee” he finally answered, “I don’t see why the pig should take the blame for something that happened fifty years ago.”

The farmer wants a wife - Boorool Victoria

The farmer wants a wife – Boorool Victoria

While last year the Minions were sometimes hard to spot, as they tended to move about and sometimes secreted themselves in sheds and whatnot, this time at least two of the missing were fairly easy to spot, for the moment anyway. Originally, I suspected that this would be temporary and that they’d start wandering about and become difficult to find once more; however, it seems that their positions are permanent, as they haven’t moved since placement.

The farmer wants a wife - Boorool Victoria

The farmer wants a wife – Boorool Victoria

The farmer wants a wife - Boorool Victoria

The farmer wants a wife – Boorool Victoria

That said, I haven’t had any luck in figuring out what’s happened to the wife part. My wife has suggested that maybe the farmer is going to star in that TV program ‘The Farmer wants a Wife’, However, I did manage to get a secret photo of where the pigs come from and it looks like they are being trained from an early age to do tricks.

The farmer wants a wife - Boorool Victoria

The farmer wants a wife – Boorool Victoria

It’s been quite some time now since the cow and pig were revealed, but there’s been no sign of the farmer’s wife. but whatever the reality, the cow and pig are beginning to look a tad weary. Who knows the true story, but this time around the farmer has certainly been most elusive in revealing the third member of his search.

Summer is now well and truly behind us and it’s now Easter, so there’s no point in wondering about this tale any further, unless something happens in the future. Anyway, happy Easter and I hope the festivities and holidays go well for all.

Update. It seems that our farmer has been noticed by more than the locals, ‘From minions to seeking love, dairy farmer’s silage bale art delights rural community‘.

Some artists work with a canvas, but for Victorian dairy farmer Mark ‘Sparky’ Dowling, the humble hay bale forms the heart of his pieces.

For the past nine years Mr Dowling has been decorating hay bales on his Gippsland dairy farm with colourful silage wrap and humorous messages

2 thoughts on “The Farmer Wants A Wife

  1. craigboase

    Hi Ray, ive been enjoying your posts ever since i stumbled on your blog last year. As a fellow South Gippslandian (Berrys Creek) I can relate to a lot of your posts and I too take a lot of enjoyment from photography and telling stories of this beautiful part of Victoria.
    By the way I know the farmer with the hay bales and no he hasnt found a wife just yet. Your wife was not far from the truth when she suggested he may be on Farmer Wants A Wife. He was actually interviewed by this show several years ago but was unsuccessful.

    Regards, Craig

    1. Ray Post author

      Well there you go and thanks for the heads up and kind words. I always look forward to what will appear each year on the farm. And yes, and one can’t but love this part of the country.

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