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Life In A Different Mould

After a pretty dismal and cold Winter, followed by a pretty wet and dismal start to Spring, there was at least one form of life that really revelled in the conditions. And while the weather hasn’t been all that conducive to outdoor activities and associated enjoyment, there were a few interesting diversions where such subject matter kept me out of the doldrums. In this instance it was once again one of those interesting things found in damp and wet places, fungi. You can kind of call it mould, as fungi is related to mould as well as yeasts. This won’t be so much of a story, but more a pictorial record of some of the types of fungi that I came across this year. These ones were perhaps the most interesting, as there were lots of small mushrooms about that were quite ordinary.

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More Fun Guys

When I wrote my last story about Fungi, I was looking at venturing into some of our rain forests to see what I could find in the damper parts of our region; unfortunately, that never eventuated. So why am I writing another story on fungi? Well, as it turned out, as autumn rolled along, with winter in ‘hot’ pursuit, there started to appear some rather unusual fungi on what you could call our doorstep (the top of our driveway) which I couldn’t ignore. Added to that, I finally decided to have a look at our local Lyrebird Forest Walk, which I’d been meaning to do for around four years. It was only a short walk that I did that day, but it presented quite a range of fungi compared to what lies closer to home.

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