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Political Stupidity

There’s an old saying that go along the lines of ‘We deserve the politicians that we get’. Basically we vote in the best of a bad bunch, or some vote for those who they think can give them the most free stuff, and then complain when things don’t turn out as they’d hoped (just watch the future of the Warringah electorate when the chicken comes home to roost). The Australian way (and maybe the British as well) often tends to be a matter of voting for the individual who is the most popular, but not necessarily the smartest. Hence why so many ex-sporting stars turn to politics, feeding off past glories (we are after all a nation of sporting fanatics). So it’s rare to actually vote for the party that is likely to be the most responsible when it comes to running the country and who will really look after the most important aspect of our nation, its economy. Today especially, politicians seem to be completely poll driven, reacting just to the popularity stakes, rather than standing on long-term principles that everyone can understand, whether those principles alienate some of the population or not.  Continue reading