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Nothing stays the same, nothing lasts forever and things man-made usually decay the fastest (pyramids etc excluded). The most common abandoned objects found just about anywhere would have to be cars. You can find them in farmer’s paddocks, back and front yards and pretty much wherever a car could have been driven before being abandoned for whatever reason. Sometimes the cars are ordinary, run of the mill hacks, but other times you come across unique cars and wonder why they have been left as they are, to simply rust away. Maybe someone had dreams of restoration, which never eventuated and then didn’t want to part with them until it was too late.

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Birds of a Feather

On a recent week-long camping trip into the Victorian High Country (Bentley Plain), I had the opportunity to photograph a small variety of wildlife that accompanied us and which also visited our campsite on a regular basis. It’s actually great to get out to these more remote areas (though far from unvisited, depending on time of year) and enjoy the peace and quiet of bush life. By no means were we completely out in the boonies; as the predicted weather made certain that we had to settle into a locale that provided reasonable shelter from the anticipated storms (and storms we did get), but bush life it was (in a 21st Century fashion).

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Bush Pigs…

…and other brain dead inhabitants of Australia. One of the things that infuriates me more than anything else is the rubbish that bush pigs leave at campsites because they are too lazy to burn what’s burnable and bring back home what is not. Whenever and wherever we go bush camping, we always leave the campsites usually in better condition than when we arrived, certainly never in worse condition. However, that isn’t the case when it comes to many campers, who lack any common decency or sensibility.

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