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While still in pause mode, I thought I’d add something along the lines of my page on Backyard Critters that contains videos of the various animals that I’ve come across near and far. To that end, I’ll include a this page on Gippsland covering videos that I’ve taken of the natural events that occur in this region. Again, I’ll simply add to this and re-post as new videos arise.

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There Be Dragons

While taking my hounds for another run at Mossvale Park, I came upon remains from what appeared to be an unnatural battle between mythical beings. I don’t watch Game of Thrones (GoT) and I’ve never even seen one episode; however, as it’s almost constantly reported in just about every online news and other site known to World + Dog (that’s every man and his dog) it’s not difficult to be aware of what it’s about, as I impertinently satirised last year. So when I came across these remains, I immediately thought of GoT and the dragons that feature in the show. After a quick Google, the evidence was compelling.

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