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Nissan GU Patrol Diesel Lift-Pump

As a bit of background, many diesels, especially trucks, use a diesel fuel lift-pump in or near the fuel tank to provide better fuel flow to the engine’s fuel filter, which is usually located near the engine. When the fuel has to travel quite some distance and the height between the fuel tank and fuel filter is significant, then a lift-pump takes a lot of strain off the main fuel pump used to pressurise injectors, or a fuel rail in common rail diesels. You can find lift-pumps in even smaller vehicles of one form or another especially 4WDs but many, like my Patrol, don’t have a lift-pump and so it’s quite common for owners to install one to assist with fuel flow and fuel pump longevity. So I did the same in 2014 with my Patrol but, unfortunately, on one of our High Country Cruises in 2016, the lift-pump unceremoniously failed, stopping fuel flow to the engine. Thankfully that wasn’t a particularly difficult job to remove, as I’d specifically installed the lift-pump so that it was easy to access.

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Nissan GU Patrol LED Tail Lights

As I’ve posted previously, I’m an avid DIYer and if I can fix something that’s not broken, I’ll always give it a try. Over the years I’ve ‘fixed’ a number of things on my Nissan Patrol that aren’t broken, but which really have needed improvement and perhaps one day I’ll write about those. That said, one of those ‘not broken’ things is the tail light assembly (or assemblies) in the rear bumper bar of the Patrol. No matter what I’ve tried, they would always go on the blink (or not blink) on one side or the other. The issue with the tail lights is that, due to their location, they are always exposed to mud and water, which invariably leads to one or other globe not working or working intermittently. Even though the globes have seals where they connect to the light assembly, it doesn’t seem to make any difference when it comes to mud and water, it gets in. So finally I’d had enough of this and decided to do something about it.

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Nissan GU Patrol Runva Winch

I’m sure that Captain Kirk ‘could’ have said that at one point or another, as much as he never said ‘Beam me up Scotty’. Anyhow, this story isn’t about Star Trek but about winches and the replacement of my cheap Aldi winch that I’ve had in my Nissan GU Patrol for the last eight years. I haven’t had to put the Aldi winch to really serious use in that time but, in the last couple of years it has been called into duty and it’s failed me on four occasions. The first involved a failed solenoid and the following two involved broken wires, which can happen even with the most expensive winch. However, on our last excursion, the motor seized and I was left to be recovered by others. Later in the day, the use of a hefty mallet fixed that seizure and I was able to rewind the cable that had been wrapped around my bullbar. Now before going on one of our Cruises, I test the winch to make sure that it’s working, given that it’s spent many of those eight years going through rivers, and each time things have been fine. But considering where we go, I was no longer confident that I could rely on this winch when called into action and decided to retire it and replace it with something more substantial and modern.

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