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Television Sewerage

People often call today’s television (TV) rubbish, but even rubbish can sometimes be useful, such as recycling for what it’s worth. But the TV that’s presented today is veritable sewerage, at least for us who have to watch it via satellite and especially during these lockdowns. Our TV comes via the north of Australia, Northern Territory and Far North Queensland, as it was the only way to get satellite TV signal. And the reason that we have satellite TV is because we simply can’t get watchable TV via regular means, as we seem to be in a black spot when it come to reception. We still get the regular programs that others get via satellite, but what kills it are the ads that come with the transmissions from the far north.

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Many, many years ago, when Australia had no more than four TV stations (7, 9, 0 and ABC), people lamented our third world status, as the US had something like 100 stations to choose from (including cable). However, whenever I spoke to anyone from the US and the topic of TV came up, they said something to the effect that yes, we have 100 channels, but nothing to watch and lots of repeats.

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