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A Change Of Pace

I’ve been writing this blog for nearly six years now, posting a new story once a week. It’s been quite a labour of love, covering all manner of subject matter and I’ve loved every minute of it. However, lately it’s starting to conflict somewhat with my increasing interest in video. There’s a lot I want to investigate when it comes to video and I want to spend more time doing so. but video is a much more intensive task than photography, which has been the mainstay of my blog along with the writing. What’s more, I’m constantly aware that I need to be working on the next blog story and posting the latest one. A couple of times recently I’ve almost forgotten to finish or post my latest story, as I’ve been too intent on my video endeavours. So it’s becoming increasingly evident to me that I want to give myself more time for video learning and production, but also doing a blog story every week is really beginning to strain the brain cells.

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