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A Rolling Stone

As the old axiom goes, a rolling stone gathers no moss, and Mythbusters proved that to be true. As part three of my trilogy about lichens, fungi and mosses, I was wondering how deep into some of our rain forest areas I’d have to go to find examples of mosses (with Mossvale Park displaying less moss than you’d expect). But with the weather we’ve been having this Winter and Spring, a lot of moss has emerged in our yard, so it was an easy place to begin. Funny how sometimes the things of interest are right around you and under your nose, but you tend to overlook them because they are so familiar.

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Make Something. Anything

Anyone who has watched Mythbusters would know of Adam Savage. Adam is the ADHD counterpart to stoic Jamie Hyneman, two special effects practitioners (and what not) who put their combined experience into a TV show that’s now been running since 2003. I’m a big fan of Mythbusters and how they ‘do’ things in their show when it comes to myth busting; showing how common myths, movie stunts and the like do or do not ring true. In doing so, they often build things from scratch to demonstrate and put the myths to the test. Though, like many fans, I don’t always agree with their testing methods or outcomes.

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Fun Guys Everywhere

As the second in the series about lichen, fungi and moss, one of the other life forms that are found just about everywhere is the fungi. And when you live in a temperate climate where there are lots of forests, good rainfall and rich, fertile, soil, the fungi tend to thrive. I haven’t really started to explore, in earnest, this aspect of what grows underfoot around here, but have managed to compile a small selection from daily walks in the locality and ones that I’ve found in other places as well. I’m not even going to try to identify any of them.

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