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We’ve now had the National Broadband Network (NBN) through fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) installed since October 2016; however, I wasn’t particularly fussed about getting the NBN, as we’ve had a reasonable ADSL 2+ connection that’s worked reliably enough for the last five years since moving to Mirboo North. We were perhaps one of the lucky ones, as I’ve met many for whom the opposite was true and there was often a run of complaints in the local paper prior to the NBN arriving. So when the NBN became available, I transferred almost immediately, as there was no point in holding off and waiting for the final rush. And, being an early adopter, it meant that we’d hopefully be connected fairly quickly, which is exactly what happened. From putting in our order and being up and running took no more than a week (it may have been less). Others are only now trying to connect and experiencing all manner of issues, given what’s in local reports.

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Crystal Balling

Predicting what may happen in the world is always an interesting and often fun thing. Every year predictions are presented at some time or another, be they in technology, politics, economics or whatever. Usually the start of a New Year is the perfect platform for many to make predictions. Normally, most predictions go awry, as often they are predicated on what the predictor ‘hopes will happen’, not on any factual or substantive evidence of how things are evolving or might evolve. Over the years, I’ve presented some of my own predictions to my learned colleagues and despite some oft-times vehement push-back, I have been proven to be right, even if it has taken many years to be vindicated.

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Communications technology is a interesting thing and one that is viewed so differently by every generation and even by every individual within each generation. It’s an endless rush that leaves many confused and sometimes isolated because of the rapidity of change. For me, technology in all of its forms has always been fascinating and so many aspects of my life have involved understanding technology in its ever evolving way. As a kid, I was forever pulling things apart and putting them back together (sometimes not) and, to this day, I sometimes wonder how I’m still alive, considering the things that I did. One of the most significant communication events that I’ve ever experienced was Neil Armstrong stepping onto the moon in July 1969, when every high school kid was sent home to watch it on TV. However, it was Buzz Aldrin that featured most dramatically on the day when it came to images.

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