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Gippsland Summer – The Birds

Summer has officially been upon us for a month now and hot, sweaty, days are yet to loom (but coming soon), and we’ve still been getting our fair share of rain over the last few weeks. It’s the time of year when Gippsland changes perhaps most significantly, for many and varied reasons. One of the first things that I noticed (coming back from our bush Christmas) was the return of the birds, of all varieties. It’s the first time that I’ve seen Gang-Gang Cockatoos in our backyard, which weren’t the easiest to photograph initially, as they were feeding in the denser foliage of the trees. But over the next few days they started to move about a lot more and provided much better opportunities, as well as making an awful mess stripping leaves.

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Bird Of Prey

I guess there was one interesting activity that happened while camping on the Melbourne Cup Weekend at Neerim South and a simple story is as good as any. On one of the days there was an almighty cacophony in the gully opposite to where we were camping and, upon investigation, we discovered that a Wedge-Tailed Eagle had caught an Ibis. This had raised the ire of numerous birds, especially several Magpie Larks that were in major attack/harassment mode around the eagle.

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