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Scientific Discoveries

I visit a variety of science and technical websites each day/week just to find out what’s going on around the world in science and technology (a habit brought about by my last job before semi-retiring) and I just like science and technology. There’s a particular website that I check on daily and it struck me one day how ridiculous (or perhaps bleeding obvious) are some of the headlines that are presented in the website. There’s an entire group of specialists such as physicists, chemists, biologists etc that specialise in various areas of research and scientific endeavour and then there seems to be an amorphous group of people called ‘scientists’ that do everything else. It kind of led me to think of changing the headlines to see how much better they would read and also be far more catchy than what is currently bland and in no way informative. Obviously this is completely irreverent, but as I’ve noted before, sometimes I think you need to take the Micky out of stuffy organisations and the like. I’m not going to add any text to this story, but just show some screen shots of what has caught my eye, replaced with a minor wording change.

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