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The Law’s An Ass – Part 2

Following on from Part 1, inane legislation was also enacted in Victoria last year that equally makes no real sense, achieves little of significance and which most certainly didn’t consider the unintended consequences. To wit, the state government decided to impose fees in previously free camping areas and increase fees in existing fee-based camping areas in national and other parks. In addition, the entire management process that has been adopted for booking camp sites is, by all accounts, government process at its worst. The changes have commenced and the intent is to expand this to the majority of public land. This has clearly made some very happy:

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The Law’s An Ass – Part 1

For some time I’ve felt that governments nowadays are interfering too much in our daily lives (which has given rise to the term Nanny State) and all too often introduce legislation that makes no real sense, achieves little of significance and which usually doesn’t consider the unintended consequences. On a recent trip with some friends to the Victorian High Country, we had a discussion about ongoing changes to Victorian parks legislation, which I’ll talk about in another post, but this post is about something that’s already a fait accompli and reinforces that old saying that ‘the law’s an ass’. To wit, New South Wales (NSW) recently introduced legislation that bans smoking in all national parks. The reasons given for the ban are:

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