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Modern-Day Begging

I’ve recently started to notice an amazing array of ‘crowdfunding‘ reports on news sites that, to me, appear no more than what I’d call modern-day begging. Begging has been with us for millennia and traditionally has been associated with the unfortunate and the poor, though it seems to have become a full-time occupation for some, even though begging is illegal in many places such as Melbourne. Traditionally, churches and other welfare organisations have been the main aid groups to assist those in need and still are, but a new group of beggars is emerging and using technology to enhance their begging opportunities. What’s really distasteful about this modern-day begging is that, in many instances, it’s not poor, homeless and underprivileged people doing this begging, but well-off Westerners wanting to enjoy a lifestyle without effort or personal responsibility and, dare I say, any semblance of ethics or morals.

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