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The Exterminators

Spring and early Summer this year presented us with about one of the wettest, as well as hottest and most humid for some time. For almost a week, we had temperatures close to and above 30C and humidity that was approaching 100% (at one point it reached 95%). The farmers are naturally happy as they have have had a bumper season and have been able to harvest several times in the last few months so that their silage supplies are well and truly sorted out. The hot and humid weather has also meant that other things have been in large supply as well and, in this case, it’s the number of spiders throughout our home. Fortunately the vast majority have taken up residence outside, but the numbers are far in excess of anything we’ve seen in the last five years.

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Big, Hairy, Spiders

One of the realities of living in a bush environment is that you are going to get spiders in and around your house pretty much all the time, especially Huntsmen. Huntsmen spiders (or Harry Huntsmen as my wife calls them) are especially common inside, as they come in looking for meals such as other spiders, roaches and any bug of suitable size that also likes to dwell indoors. Huntsmen look intimidating, but they are normally quite timid and harmless, though if really harassed can become aggressive (treat any spider with a degree of care and caution). Out of all the spiders, Huntsmen are possibly the tidiest ones when it comes to not leaving huge amounts of web everywhere. Daddy Longlegs (Harvestmen) seem to be the absolute worst and, fortunately, they are few and far between in our place.

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