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Video Killed…Everything

Way back in 1980, The Buggles released a song called Video Killed the Radio Star (this is the original – amazing how both new and old sound) and so many decades later I still love it, perhaps even more, and it certainly had some relevance being the first music video shown on the newly arrived MTV. I think this was a somewhat seminal moment in history, heralding a major change in not only how we listen to music, but also how we would consume entertainment, news and many other things to come. While my title ‘Video Killed…Everything’ is somewhat provocative, bear with me as I explain what I mean and why I think it’s relevant and maybe even important to consider in the wider scheme of things. Whichever way you look at it, video assails us in every possible way in our ‘connected’ lives and very often when you don’t need it whatsoever. I am just so over video appearing everywhere.

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