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Nissan GU Patrol Electronic Throttle Controller

Other than mostly amongst motoring enthusiasts, long gone are the days of carburettors, mechanical fuel pumps, mechanical distributors, cable driven speedometers and the like. Pretty much everything nowadays is electronic or solid state when it comes to controlling a modern engine. About all that is common with yesteryear’s engines and today’s, is that they all share the same combustion processes. As I’ve mentioned previously, I enjoy working on all manner of things and cars have been a bit of a passion since I got my license and my first car, an ex-racing Mini Cooper S that was utter junk (but boy did it go). Since then, I’ve always been keen on finding ways to improve things with my cars as I’ve never found a car that didn’t need some improvement one way or the other and, given the plethora of aftermarket car accessories available, I’m fairly certain I’m not the only one who feels this way.

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