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Backyard Critters

This particular page is solely intended to be a record of the various videos that I put together that record the numerous backyard critters that live in and about our backyard. Most are directly from our backyard and others from our metaphorical backyard and surrounds, such as the High Country. There’s no story to be told, just a visual record that I’ll add to from time to time. Hopefully YouTube will remain in existence to retain these videos for a long time to come. One day, in the future, it may provide an informative reference as to what we enjoyed in our rural abode and I hope that future generations will continue to enjoy this wonderful wildlife of ours.

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One of the delights of living in a rural area is the fact that you get to experience so much wildlife right on your doorstep, literally on your doorstep. It’s not just wild birds, which I’ve written about many times, but numerous other creatures not usually found in the suburbs. But there’s one creature, out of all the others, that sometimes elicits the most ‘frustration, for want of better word. That creature is the Echidna. I think the Echidna is a marvellous animal, as much of an enigma as the Platypus, but it’s frustrating because of the reaction it gets from our two Labradors. Put simply, they go bananas whenever they spot one.

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