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The High Country – Apr 2013

In Apr 2013, we decided to venture out to the far east of Victoria once again, to the Vic-NSW border, starting at Morwell and heading out to Bairnsdale, then Bruthen, and north-east to Suggan Buggan. For some reason we went from Morwell to Sale along the Princes Highway that day, contrary to our normal backroads route, and found the journey from Traralgon to Sale absolutely abominable due to roadworks along almost the entire 50km of the Princess Highway. As both Traralgon and Sale keep expanding along the highway, the traffic is increasingly reminding me of parts of Melbourne, where the freeways offer anything but freely flowing traffic. We knew not to try that route again on future Cruises.

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The High Country – Jan 2012

Another Australia Day long-weekend came about and so once again we decided to head to the far east of Victoria, well aware that the High Country could be busy but, as I’ve mentioned in previous stories, there’s a greater chance of things being quiet the further you go from Melbourne. This is another one of those trips where a few memory gaps occur; however, it’s not as bad as one of the others. We started off from Benambra and headed for the Davies Plains, then Mt Pinnibar, before turning westwards and ending up south of Dargo in the Mitchell River National Park. I remember sweltering during those days but, fortunately, welcoming shade was available whenever we pulled up to camp and we managed a good fire for when the sun went down and it became cold.

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