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I can still remember a row of shops in Footscray, where I lived as a kid in the late 50s, early 60s, that had a milk bar, green grocer, butcher, fish and chip shop, newsagent etc. Everything that the family needed was walking distance away and I can’t remember a single supermarket back in those days. I do remember the Footscray markets where we often went to get stuff that wasn’t available in our local Australian shops. The Footscray markets back in those days was predominantly run by Italian migrants, before the Greeks took over and then the Vietnamese, who still appeared to have a strong presence. But a fire in Dec 2016 gutted the market, though as with everything, it now looks like becoming housing. I can’t even remember the first supermarket that arrived in our area or where, but over the decades, the big two supermarkets Coles and Woolworths (nee Safeway) and then 711, slowly destroyed every single corner shop, be it a milk bar, green grocer or butcher in Melbourne.

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