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RunCam 2 – Another Dash Of Action

Sadly, my Mobius 2 camera came to a sudden demise just as I was getting things working so well. I started a warranty claim with the supplier, but then began to have some reservations about how effective this would be, given that I’d purchased the camera from an overseas supplier. So in the interim, I decided to get a RunCam 2 and see how that would perform. Given my comments in my Mobius story, I was hoping that this wasn’t going to be a mistake. The main thing was that from all the video reviews that I’d looked at, the video quality between the Mobius 2 and RunCam 2 was on a par and much especially depended on the user and how they set up the camera and processed the video. After seeing further video comparing the two, I was fairly convinced that there wasn’t going to be any loss in quality, maybe even a gain. And video quality after all is the aim.

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Mobius 2 – A Dash of Action

As I noted last week, just when I thought things were going quite well with the MJX, the dash cam started playing up big time. While the dash cam was working OK while on direct power after the internal battery ballooned and was removed, for some reason video recording suddenly became sporadic and unreliable. One minute it would record and the next, nothing. I lost a lot of practice footage thinking the camera was recording, but when I went to view the footage, I’d have large files on the SD card but all I’d see is a black screen on playback. Basically, the camera recorded nothing, but still used space on the card. Given that the entire point of buying a drone was so that I could take aerial footage on our Cruises and other places, not just to fly the thing around, I now needed another camera and therein lay the problem. What to get that would be drone compatible, provide good video and that was reasonably priced?

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Action Cam

One of the things that I’ve been trying to do lately on our Cruises is take a bit of video rather than just still photographs and, while I have fairly good video capabilities with my camera, it’s difficult to combine video and still photography at the same time. I’ve been using my dash cam while on the move and it’s proven to be a reasonably good video camera, providing quality results, even though YouTube doesn’t quite show that quality. However, the dash cam is poorly designed for general use, even though I did do some experimenting earlier on. The major issues are the lack of standard mounting points and protective housing. To that end, I finally decided that a cheap action cam was what I really needed so that I’d have a bit more versatility than what I could get with the dash cam.

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