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Well Blur Me Down

Blur or Bokeh (Japanese for blur which sounds fancier, a bit like jus instead of sauce/gravy in cooking circles), is an effect describing the out of focus background (and even foreground) elements of a photograph. The intent is for the subject matter to dominate and grab one’s attention, while distracting background details disappear into a smooth and subtle out of focus blur. Many photographers strive to achieve this look to give their photographs a ‘unique’ appearance, but then so does World + Dog nowadays.

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The Lens That Draws

I was just reading a photography article on the web and in the comments section someone said: ‘I love the way my lens draws…’. I’ve also read similar with words like: ‘I love the way my lens renders…’. Both of these terms are used quite frequently by some photographers and appear to be interchangeable when describing the supposed special quality of the owner’s lens/lenses. It never ceases to amuse me when I hear these descriptions of lenses, as if some lenses have a miraculous additional feature that defies general optics.

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