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The High Country – Apr 2011

While my last High Country Cruise report had a few gaps, at least this one was duly recorded and mapped. We started the Cruise from Licola and headed off to the Macalister River via Glencairn and Black Soil Gully Track, which is the usual way most travellers opt to take. Being April, the rivers are all usually well down at this time of year and with the tracks being quite dry, there was little likelihood of any issues. This was only a three day trip, so we stayed fairly close to Melbourne, especially as we were planning on staying off-road as much as possible, so that meant not travelling great distances each day and it looked like it was going to be quite a pleasant trip, especially weather wise.

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The High Country – Feb 2010

The first Cruise for 2010 saw us head out to the Thomson Reservoir, north of Rawson, where the trip more or less started officially. It was a four day trip and the weather this weekend wasn’t looking all that great when we arrived at the reservoir; however, in this neck of the woods, you can never tell what sort of weather you’ll be getting from one day to the next. Forecasts for Melbourne usually bear no resemblance to what the High Country will get and so it was, as the weekend turned out to be quite a hot and enjoyable event.

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