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The High Country – Jan 2011

Another Australia Day weekend in the mountains came about, with our group starting off from Tambo Crossing to once again drive the Haunted Stream Track. We weren’t quite certain what this weekend’s weather would deliver, as there were mixed messages about what to expect; however, as always, that never deterred us from venturing out into the mountains. Once again our plan was to start in the east and work our way back west to end up closer to Melbourne. I don’t think we had really set any hard and fast plans for the weekend, but simply chose a starting point and would work things out as we progressed. As I’ve mentioned before, planning too far ahead is always followed by inevitable change.

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The High Country – Apr 2009

For this Cruise, we decided to undertake the mighty Deddick Trail in the Snowy River National Park that starts north of Orbost and ends at McKillops Bridge on the Snowy River (depending on which way you travel). It’s been on our ‘to do’ list for some time and this year we decided that it had to be done. The Deddick Trail has long been noted as a somewhat difficult and especially long trail that requires a number of days to complete. For that reason we decided to start at the southern end, as we left Melbourne early, giving us plenty of time to negotiate the track and, should time get tight, the return trip via the Gelantipy Road would be a lot faster.

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The High Country – Jan 2008

January 2008 saw us doing a rather distant Cruise to the far east of Victoria, starting at Omeo, going to the Murray River, then back again to Omeo and onwards to Cobungra and finally to Dargo. Being an Australia Day Weekend, we expected plenty of traffic but, surprisingly, it wasn’t anywhere near as busy as anticipated. We were one traveller short, who couldn’t make it until the next morning, so we potted about the area, looking for anything interesting and then eventually found ourselves a campsite on the Gibbo River, where we could be located fairly easily the next morning.

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