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If there’s one type of food that I absolutely love, it has to be pizza. It’s a simple, honest, style of food that is generally difficult to stuff up. That said, there’s a pizza place in Port Fairy, Victoria, that I will never forget and which produces what must be the world’s worst pizzas. We stayed in Port Fairy with friends many years ago and ordered, from memory, four different pizzas and when we opened them back at the campsite where we were staying, no one could identify the pizzas, they all tasted the same and were rather ordinary to say the least. To add insult to injury, each pizza box was falling apart from the oil that was seeping out of the pizzas. But to balance things out, one of the best pizza places I’ve ever been to is The Strip, Woodfired Pizza and Pasta Bar, on Kings Hwy In Queanbeyan NSW (just a short drive out of Canberra and hopefully still as good as it was). Lots of interesting pizza variations, which prompted me to do something different for dinner.

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