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Making Movies – Part 1

I’d like to note from the outset that I’m not a professional videographer, but I can and do take video and do so for many events and activities. To me, a professional or serious amateur videographer is an individual that does more than just own a capable video camera and who goes about pointing that camera at all and sundry and doing little more than minor editing (if that), like some happy snappers with high quality still cameras are known to do. I’ve had several discussions on photography forums about video, from a stills photographer’s perspective, and it never ceases to amaze me how many seem to think that video is easy and the higher the quality available (such as 4K), the easier it is to produce. It often sounds just like the old/new megapixel wars that wax and wane year after year.

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Action Cam

One of the things that I’ve been trying to do lately on our Cruises is take a bit of video rather than just still photographs and, while I have fairly good video capabilities with my camera, it’s difficult to combine video and still photography at the same time. I’ve been using my dash cam while on the move and it’s proven to be a reasonably good video camera, providing quality results, even though YouTube doesn’t quite show that quality. However, the dash cam is poorly designed for general use, even though I did do some experimenting earlier on. The major issues are the lack of standard mounting points and protective housing. To that end, I finally decided that a cheap action cam was what I really needed so that I’d have a bit more versatility than what I could get with the dash cam.

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