Political Stupidity

There’s an old saying that go along the lines of ‘We deserve the politicians that we get’. Basically we vote in the best of a bad bunch, or some vote for those who they think can give them the most free stuff, and then complain when things don’t turn out as they’d hoped (just watch the future of the Warringah electorate when the chicken comes home to roost). The Australian way (and maybe the British as well) often tends to be a matter of voting for the individual who is the most popular, but not necessarily the smartest. Hence why so many ex-sporting stars turn to politics, feeding off past glories (we are after all a nation of sporting fanatics). So it’s rare to actually vote for the party that is likely to be the most responsible when it comes to running the country and who will really look after the most important aspect of our nation, its economy. Today especially, politicians seem to be completely poll driven, reacting just to the popularity stakes, rather than standing on long-term principles that everyone can understand, whether those principles alienate some of the population or not. 

How Australia Voted - (source: ABC)

How Australia Voted – (source: ABC)

With our most recent election having just run its course, I’ve been observing not only our own political parties but those overseas as well. There is great turmoil going on worldwide as parties of the Left are being replaced by those with conservative values. What was once the most important aspect for a political party, the economy and security of its people, seems to have been abandoned entirely by parties on the Left of politics, adopting increasingly alarming socialist policies. Quite frankly, there can be no quality of life if a country’s economy is in shambles. Venezuela is a classic example of a country that was rich in valuable resources (like Australia) that has crumbled into what is a perfectly managed Socialist country. Many observed in horror as similar policies were being touted by our Leftist parties in the lead up to our recent election. I know that in my township, there was genuine fear that a Labor party win would unwind any prosperity that we had and turn life into a endless grind with little hope for the future. Times were already tough for many due to the ever increasing cost of living, in no small part due to insane energy policies driven by ridiculous climate change scaremongering and Labor’s promises looked to make things worse.

Venezuela, a Socialist paradise - (source: FEE)

Venezuela, a Socialist paradise – (source: FEE)

And by no means do I believe that the LNC (nee LNP) has showered themselves in glory over the past few years. Fifty extremely dumb LNC members decided to oust our elected PM (Tony Abbott) in favour of an unelected ‘winner’,  instead lumbering themselves with what could only be described as Australia’s biggest loser (Malcolm Turnbull), who could and did change his mind instantly on anything if the polls weren’t favourable. Thankfully, most of those 50 members have now gone, losing their seats in the previous election (Karma is a bitch) or retiring knowing that their days were numbered. Many rats also deserted the perceived sinking ship at the last minute, becoming an independent, so demonstrating a true reflection of their character.  The only decent thing they could have done is to fully resign, as they weren’t elected as an independent. It left the new PM (Scott Morrison) just the slightest chance to campaign against what every pundit said was going to be a resounding loss in the next election. Many were so certain that Morrison would lose, that Sportsbet even paid over $1 million in winnings before the election results were finalised, believing that Labor was invincible.

Malcolm Turnbull, Australia's Biggest Loser - (source: The Conversation)

Malcolm Turnbull, Australia’s Biggest Loser – (source: The Conversation)

And Labor was so certain of winning that they were boasting about robbing from retirees’ superannuation investments, scuppering  negative gearing (because only wealthy people have rental properties), imposing even higher electricity costs and on costs through insane renewable energy proposals (also promising to send billions of dollars to the UN climate shysters) and indicating the relaxation of refugee policies guaranteeing the return of the boats. All this in the name of ‘A Fair Go For Australia’. They were completely oblivious to the fact that all of these policies would hit the middle and low income earners the most, not the so-called wealthy who were once again used in their envy politics. None of this was lost on the voters. Given what Labor openly said they would do was bad enough, but how bad would things have been on issues they weren’t open about? After the election, Labor’s Chris Bowen said it was a mistake telling the public what they intended to do (people should never forget this). Labor absolutely couldn’t read the tea leaves and see where the problems lay when it came to the average worker who has been screwed by policies inflicted by green hysteria (aided by hysterical Greens), preventing any rational discourse on policies that were genuinely good for the country.

Bill Shorten, a Fair Go for whom? - (source: Daily Telegraph)

Bill Shorten, a Fair Go for whom? – (source: Daily Telegraph)

The media once again was in true form, just like with the US election in 2016, being absolutely certain that the LNC would be destroyed. But when the results came in, they were in similar denial or started making all manner of excuses, ‘How Morrison used Shorten’s big mistake to steal the election‘. Given that some news outlets were already comparing this to the Clinton/Trump campaign; the deploreables that voted LNP clearly didn’t know what they were doing. But in many cases, like with the elites in the US, our elites in the wealthy electorates appeared to vote for Labor, virtue signalling their concerns over climate change and such as they pondered their next luxury car or overseas holiday. But once again, so many politicians were dumb enough to believe the media hype and their polls, as they have been for many years (with Australia’s biggest loser being totally poll driven), ignoring the fact that the media is completely out of touch with the public and totally opposed to the LNC. But for whatever reason, some of these dumb politicians keep pandering to the media and being taken for fools.

Scott Morrison steals election - (source: ABC)

Scott Morrison steals election – (source: ABC)

What Australia, and every country, needs are politicians with conviction, long-term conviction that they lay out for all to see and from which they do not deviate. Say what you mean and mean what you say. That’s what people want. Our political parties used to be clearly defined in what they stood for, but that has all but disappeared. Labor was always for the workers, but now seem to pander to nothing but inner-city latte sippers and Greens, ignoring the workers because they so confidently believe they are rusted on Labor voters. The LNC sits just marginally to the right of Labor nowadays, with policies often indistinguishable from that of Labor and sometimes even the Greens. The only difference being that the policies aren’t quite as radical, but still fearing to tackle the difficult and obvious issues affecting our economy. The Greens just get loopier as the years go on and the independents just come and go like the seasons. Not since the days of the late Bob Hawke have economic issues been tackled with true conviction.

Bob Hawke (Labor by heart, Liberal by head) - (source: National Museum of Australia)

Bob Hawke (Labor by heart, Liberal by head) – (source: National Museum of Australia)

There is only one notable politician of late that has displayed true conviction and that’s Donald Trump. Love him or loathe him you cannot deny that he says what he means and means what he says. He’s the only politician for a very long time that has gone to the polls promising to do what’s best for the country’s economy and security, and then gone about doing it. It’s why the Left and even those within his own party hate him so much, because he’s not like them. All politicians have a lot to learn from Donald Trump. Australia’s not alone in this political pig sty, it’s something afflicting most western countries and Britain is possibly the closest basket case to our own malaise. I truly wonder if things will ever get better, or if they can, how long it will take?

Update 1. I have to laugh, first The Age is disassociates themselves from Ipsos polling because they got the election results so wrong, now the ABC is saying that ‘False’ poll results were the cause of Australia’s Biggest Loser (Turnbull) being deposed. Oddly, or not really, the ABC neglects to also include Tony Abbott in this narrative, as that’s what Australia’s Biggest Loser used to depose Abbott. The reality is that no one trusts the media or polling organisations and will give the answers that these groups look for, not what the voters intend on doing. It appears that Fake News works both ways.