If there’s one type of food that I absolutely love, it has to be pizza. It’s a simple, honest, style of food that is generally difficult to stuff up. That said, there’s a pizza place in Port Fairy, Victoria, that I will never forget and which produces what must be the world’s worst pizzas. We stayed in Port Fairy with friends many years ago and ordered, from memory, four different pizzas and when we opened them back at the campsite where we were staying, no one could identify the pizzas, they all tasted the same and were rather ordinary to say the least. To add insult to injury, each pizza box was falling apart from the oil that was seeping out of the pizzas. But to balance things out, one of the best pizza places I’ve ever been to is The Strip, Woodfired Pizza and Pasta Bar, on Kings Hwy In Queanbeyan NSW (just a short drive out of Canberra and hopefully still as good as it was). Lots of interesting pizza variations, which prompted me to do something different for dinner.

The Strip Woodfired Pizza and Pasta Bar - (source: The Trip Advisor)

The Strip Woodfired Pizza and Pasta Bar – (source: The Trip Advisor)

So that leads me to my pizza challenge and diverting from the usual ham, olives, salami etc, into somewhat gourmet territory. I tried this once previously and it didn’t turn out too badly, but learned a few things that needed to be done differently. This pizza was a half and half, one side consisting of food that my food eats and the other meat. I’m not really a meat Nazi, as I do like vegetables, but place a bowl of quinoa or lentils in front of me and you won’t have a happy customer. However, vegetables that can be BBQ’d, baked, fried etc are a favourite.

Ron Swanson, Parks and Recreation - (source: NBC via every meme generator on Google)

Ron Swanson, Parks and Recreation – (source: NBC via every meme generator on Google)

Now as to my pizza, it consists of one side made up of sweat potato microwaved for 10 mins to soften it up and then dusted with Chinese five spice, and the other side sliced chicken thigh marinaded in Mongolian Lamb marinade (the packet stuff from supermarkets and you can use anything from Teriyaki to sate if you want), partly cooked in a fry pan. The base is simply a fresh pizza base, again from a supermarket, onto which I spread a mix of tomato paste and some of the marinade (at a ratio of about 1:2 or 1:3), a light layer of pizza mix cheese (or any cheese that comes to hand), some diced Roma tomatoes, fresh basil (we have heaps in our garden), and then the chicken and sweat potato.


Meat and not-meat pizza before processing

The oven is heated up with the pizza stone in place for around 20 min and then the pizza is put in the oven for 20 min.



The end result is delicious. The cheese, topped with the Mongolian Lamb chicken, is just at home were it topped with a pile of ham. Yes, and the sweat potato is happy as well.


Crispy base and full of flavour

So dinner has been served, bellies are full and a couple of slices of pizza left for lunch next day. Happiness.

Update: I just thought I’d provide an update on a pizza leftover we had today. It basically consisted of some leftover corned silverside (which I’d been having on sandwiches for lunch) and some chicken fillets in mustard sauce that my wife made the other night. We’d been out wood collecting and I just wanted something simple, so it was a leftovers pizza. Never under-estimate leftovers.


Before the oven – Hmmm?


After the oven – Yummm!