Men Rule

As the transgender debate rolls on and society comes to grips with the concept that men can be women and women can be men, and everything in between, the world of sports has also had to adjust to these new social norms. As a result, transgender men are increasingly featuring in all manner of competitive sports traditionally associated with people genetically disposed as women, up to and including the Olympics. Now the Olympics is the pinnacle of world sporting events, so lately there’s been an extra level of scrutiny and science applied when it comes to women who were traditionally men and wishing to enter the various competitions. However, that’s not the case with many other sporting events at lower levels of competition, so things can get a little difficult when it comes to sorting the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. This has caused some consternation.

Transgender Weightlifter - (source: Yahoo Sports)

Transgender Weightlifter – (source: Yahoo Sports)

2018 Masters Track Cycling World Championships - (source: Canadian Cycling Magazine)

2018 Masters Track Cycling World Championships – (source: Canadian Cycling Magazine)

Drug taking to enhance sporting prowess has always been an issue in elite sports, no matter if it’s the Olympics or the AFL, if there’s a way to enhance an athlete’s capabilities or a team’s chance of winning, and you can get away with it, the chances are that attempts to foil the system will be taken. And as drug detection technology advances, drug development advances in lock step to foil such drug detection, but where this becomes a moot point is when it doesn’t involve drugs at all, but involves feelings. If a man feels/believes that he is a she, then in today’s world that’s a situation that no amount of drug testing is going to control when it comes to segregating the boys from the girls. And that’s now starting to become a problem across all manner of sporting activities.

Because it’s become the norm and where any form of criticism of this is either frowned upon or brings the wrath of inhabitants from the land of Twitter, most keep rather silent on the matter. But silence isn’t helping things whatsoever and, increasingly, women are beginning to speak out and express their concerns at this now ever common occurrence. Now I don’t know if there’s ever been a woman that’s considered themselves to be a man and entered male dominated sports, especially physically demanding sports, but there most certainly is the opposite happening. The 2018 Masters Track Cycling World Championships being just one recent example. And the example of transgender sprinter Andraya Yearwood being accepted into women’s high school track and field without having any medical treatment towards transition from male to female (at the time) and claiming women’s high school track records. Then you have a 110kg transgender VFLW player, a weightlifter, or even the case of a transgender MMA fighter breaking an opponents skull.

Hannah Mouncey withdraws from AFLW draft - source: Flinders News)

Hannah Mouncey withdraws from AFLW draft – source: Flinders News)

Transgender sprinter Andraya Yearwood - (source: Harford Courant)

Transgender sprinter Andraya Yearwood – (source: Harford Courant)

Where is all of this going? Who really knows. But there appears to be an increasing trend for some men that can’t compete in male sports to become transgender and start competing in women’s sports. Why not, especially if there’s money to be made and in some cases big money. So why wouldn’t there be those who take the opportunity to become wealthy when all that it takes is to become transgender and maybe go part of the way with some medical treatment. Is this really fair on women’s sport where biological women will inevitably lose due to their genetic disposition? It’s been said that a woman has to work four times harder to be considered half as good as a man, so how much harder will women have to work to compete against biological men in sport, if they can compete at all? At what point will women’s sport begin to suffer, especially in the formative years when kids are at school? At what point in time will women’s sport become dominated by genetic males?

Kid's Sport - (source: AFR)

Kid’s Sport – (source: AFR)

Australian 'Women's' Cricket Team - (source: ABC)

Australian ‘Women’s’ Cricket Team – (source: ABC)

My thoughts are not an isolated observation or interpretation of what’s happening in the world today, as there appears to be an increasing concern from many levels as to where all of this transgenderism is heading. It’s even coming from such unexpected corners as The Economist (a progressive publication) that reluctantly seems to be recognising some serious issues afoot:

Some see gender self-identification for trans people as the next frontier. This starts with the idea that what makes someone a man or woman is not biological sex but an inner knowledge of who they are. Trans people have gender dysphoria, an overwhelming sense of belonging to the other sex. They suffer grievously when they cannot act on this. Even when they can, they fall victim to discrimination.

The self-id campaign argues that members of an oppressed minority should be free to choose their gender identity. Indeed, how can there be any justification for the state to stand in their way?

However, the state should also resist the impulse to make trans people’s legal status a matter of personal definition, as Britain is considering. The state needs to be involved for the liberal reason that the welfare gains of self-id for trans people should be balanced against the potential harm to others.

Such harm is hard to quantify, but should not be dismissed lightly. Men commit almost all sexual crimes, so society sets aside spaces in order to help keep women and children safe. Were just 1% of the men in prison in Britain for sexual crimes to identify as women, it would double the number of women in prison for such offences. If “man” and “woman” are determined by self-id, spaces and institutions for women and children will become accessible to anyone. There is no reason to think that identifying as a woman makes a male any less dangerous (or any more).

The welfare of children should weigh in the balance, too. Those who choose a trans identity are being started on irreversible treatment ever younger, despite evidence that without it most would change their mind. Some schools have started to teach children to understand their gender identity by introspection, not anatomy. They are told that if they are leaders and rational they are boys, and if they are nurturing and gossipy they are girls. Thus outdated gender stereotypes have come roaring back under self-id. Children who may have turned out gay are being channelled instead into a trans identity.

I don’t believe that this change has improved things for women, it’s actually weakened things, just like transgender competitors have weakened women’s ability to compete in sport. And if you want to get an idea of where all of this is going, consider how even feminists are now not allowed to voice their views. And then there’s the new Playboy Bunny:

Twitter feminist banned for stating the obvious - (source: Twitter)

Twitter feminist banned for stating the obvious – (source: Twitter)

Playboy Bunny of the future - (source: ABC)

Playboy Bunny of the future – (source: ABC)

The push for ‘inclusivity’ is having significant detrimental effects on not just men, but especially women as transgenderism is beginning to displace women in many endeavours. The unintended consequences of this ‘feel-good’ activism will always lead to the opposite of what is sought, if not worse. Perhaps we’ll soon have transgender women filling corporate positions to make up the quotas that some seek and there’ll be no way to argue against this. So when men become women and change the status quo, it’s a clear indication that Men Rule.

Update 1. And just as I was pondering things, an example of at least one female to male transition in sports came up. ‘Transgender boxer Patricio Manuel wins first professional fight‘:

TRANSGENDER boxer Patricio Manuel made history last night with a unanimous decision victory on his professional boxing debut – but was booed by some members of the crowd.

Manuel, 34, who started transitioning in 2013, received jeers after beating super-featherweight Hugo Aguilar.

Manuel is the first transgender male to fight professionally in the United States.

He started fighting as a female and boxed in the 2012 Olympic trials for the US but a shoulder injury cut short dreams of making it over to the London Games.

Transgender male boxer - (source: The Sun)

Transgender male boxer – (source: The Sun)

Update 2. It now appears that Hannah Mouncey, who I noted earlier, is now back to playing handball but in the Australian women’s handball league and dominating the game. ‘Biological Man Dominating Women’s Handball Championships‘:

Until 2016, Hannah Mouncey played for Australia’s men’s handball league. But now, after transitioning to a woman, the six-foot-two, 220-pound Mouncey is utterly dominating Australia’s women’s handball league, Daily Wire noted.

Mouncey literally towers over opponents and overpowers them in reach, strength, speed, and weight, but has been allowed to compete as a woman despite the incredible advantage.

With Mouncey leading the drive, Australia is back in the hunt for an Asian Women’s Handball championship for the first time in years.

Update 3. Here’s an interesting counter-situation and not what you think, ‘Transgender wrestler wins second straight Texas girls’ high school title‘:

CYPRESS, Texas — For the second year in a row, a transgender wrestler has won the Texas girls’ Class 6A 110-pound division.

Mack Beggs, an 18-year-old senior from Euless Trinity High School near Dallas, entered the tournament in Cypress outside of Houston with an undefeated record. He beat Chelsea Sanchez — whom he beat for the title in 2017- in the final match Saturday.

Beggs is in the process of transitioning from female to male and taking a low-dose of testosterone.

It was his steroid therapy treatments while wrestling girls that stirred a fierce debate about competitive fairness and transgender rights last season.

Update 4. There won’t be much left of women’s sports if this continues, ‘Congresswoman urges USA Powerlifting to lift its ban on trans women after constituent barred from competing‘:

U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, (D-Minn.), is calling on USA Powerlifting to lift its ban on transgender women competing in its events.

Cooper, a transgender woman who has won competitions competing for another powerlifting organization, was denied entry into a USA Powerlifting event in Minnesota, with the group saying: “Male-to-female transgenders are not allowed to compete as females in our static strength sports as it is a direct competitive advantage.”

Update 5. More women are beginning to speak up, but I wonder if it will make any difference, ‘Martina Navratilova on Allowing Men to Compete Against Women in Sports: ‘It’s Insane and It’s Cheating’:

Tennis great Martina Navratilova reiterated her stand against biological males competing against natural-born women, because the males have a competitive edge.

“I am happy to address a transgender woman in whatever form she prefers, but I would not be happy to compete against her. It would not be fair,” the Czech-born player wrote.

Her reiterated stand against transgender players comes after what she claimed was months of study on the topic. That study, she said, made her surer than ever that transgenders competing as women was unfair to natural-born women.

“Simply reducing hormone levels — the prescription most sports have adopted — does not solve the problem,” she wrote. “A man builds up muscle and bone density, as well as a greater number of oxygen-carrying red blood cells, from childhood… Training increases the discrepancy.

“Indeed, if a male were to change gender in such a way as to eliminate any accumulated advantage,” Navratilova continued, “he would have to begin hormone treatment before puberty. For me, that is unthinkable.”

Update 6. The girl that came third must be feeling quite chuffed, ‘Transgender Runners Take 1st and 2nd in Connecticut High School Track Championships‘:

Several transgender students have dominated high school track and field competitions in Connecticut for the last few years. And, once again, transgender teen runner Andraya Yearwood has topped most of the field in the state championships.

But this year, Yearwood was not alone in topping the field. Indeed, two transgender students took the top spots in The Nutmeg State. Yearwood came in second place this year as transgender student Terry Miller of Bloomfield High beat Yearwood and the rest of the biologically female field of competitors.

But, as the Times reported, some in Connecticut are objecting to the situation.

“We all know the outcome of the race before it even starts; it’s demoralizing,” biologically female teen runner Selina Soule said. “I fully support and am happy for these athletes for being true to themselves. They should have the right to express themselves in school, but athletics have always had extra rules to keep the competition fair.”

Update 7. Is the writing on the wall for women’s sport? It could be if what some US Democrats want comes about and is followed throughout the rest of the world, ‘Rep. Joe Kennedy: No Sports Competitions for Women or Girls, Only for ‘Human Beings’:

Kennedy, who chairs the Democrats’ transgender equality task force, dismissed women’s sports when Breitbart asked him during a brief interview on Capitol Hill what he would say to women and girls who lose sports competitions to “transgender” men and boys who say they are females.

“Human beings are human beings, man, that’s exactly what I’d say,” he said April 9, adding: “Human beings are 100 percent entitled to compete with whatever sport they want to compete with. Human beings are humans beings … That’s your problem.

Update 8. There have been several recent incidents well after I wrote this story, but this one from the US is especially poignant and a sign of things to come, ‘8th Place: A High School Girl’s Life After Transgender Students Join Her Sport‘:

When two high school athletes who were born male but identify as female took first and second place at Connecticut’s girls indoor track championship this year, it wasn’t just a local news story.

To Selina Soule, a 16-year-old runner from Glastonbury, it was personal.

A junior, Selina missed qualifying for the 55-meter in the New England regionals by two spots. Two spots, she said, that were taken by biological boys.

Most prominently, on March 13, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi introduced HR 5, the Equality Act, a bill that would add “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” as protected classes under federal civil rights law.

The legislation would create a civil right for male athletes to self-identify as females at any time, critics say, without any evidence of physical changes to their bodies.

“The doors have been shut over and over again,” Stanescu said. “People are afraid to speak.”

In addition to potentially instating a nationwide bathroom requirement, health care mandate, and a “preferred pronoun” law based on gender identity, the Equality Act would enshrine in federal law the right of biological boys to compete as girls in all sports.

If the measure passes, Stanescu warned, “women will be completely eradicated from sports.”

Update 9. It would appear that the testosterone battle may be heating up:

Some natural-born female Olympians are now demanding that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) suspend rules allowing transgender athletes to compete as women.

“New guidelines do not level the playing field, or protect our human rights to equal opportunities,” the Olympian wrote. “There was not enough science-based research on elite athletes to make rules. It’s a live experiment where female athletes will lose out until the obvious is proved. Then it will be changed. That’s not fair.”

Update 10. I wonder when the first case of child abuse will go to court over the transgender treatment as ‘Medical Expert: Doctors Are Actually Giving Trans Kids a Disease, and It’s Child Abuse‘:

Children as young as 8 years old are being given untested experimental drugs to verify their gender identity. Activists argue that these drugs are essential for the health of kids who identify as transgender, and many in the medical establishment increasingly agree. Nevertheless, a dissenting endocrinologist explained to PJ Media that these drugs actually give children a disease that could cause heart and bone problems and stunt brain growth, and condemned the transgender “treatments” often carried out on children as “child abuse.”

Update 11. Here’s an interesting finding from extensive research on hormone treatment for transgender athletes, ‘Muscle strength, size and composition following 12 months of gender-affirming treatment in transgender individuals: retained advantage for the transwomen‘:

Conclusion Cross-sex hormone treatment markedly affects muscle strength, size and composition in transgender individuals. Despite the robust increases in muscle mass and strength in TM, the TW were still stronger and had more muscle mass following 12 months of treatment. These findings add new knowledge that could be relevant when evaluating transwomen’s eligibility to compete in the women’s category of athletic competitions.

Update 12. The more this issue continues, the worse it seems to become. ‘FDA: Thousands of Deaths Linked to Puberty Blockers‘:

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has documented thousands of deaths linked to the puberty-blocking drugs now increasingly given to children who suffer from gender dysphoria or claim to be “transgender.”

Between 2013 and June 2019, FDA recorded 41,213 adverse events, including 6,379 deaths and 25,645 “serious” reactions in patients who took the hormone blocker known as Lupron — the same drug given to children who say their gender identity is not consistent with their biological sex.

Complications related to the drug’s use include malignant tumors, cardiovascular events, such as heart attacks and blood clots, suicidal behavior and other psychological disorders, brittle bones and painful joints, and sterility.

Update 13. I won’t comment in this one, but just leave it up to you to decide:

Gender Identification - (source: Sky News)

Gender Identification – (source: Sky News)