Laboring Under False Pretences

I’ve believed for some time now that Labor governments are no longer the party for workers or the ‘average’ Australian. All that you have to do is look at the policies they have implemented across Australia (at state level anyway) and you can see that they are now just a party of the far Left and avid Greens’ vote gatherers (in preferences). In both state and Federal capacities, Labor has been bringing Australia to its economic knees with pointless Leftist virtue signalling policies such as the climate change catastrophe myth, which is slowly destroying our industrial capacity and creating a new generation of electricity paupers. But no where in Australia has this Leftist lunacy gone further and harder than in Victoria. From climate to trans-gender education in schools and progressive ideas on drug users, the Andrews government has pushed for the most radical and failure prone policies of any Labor government that I’ve ever known.

Labor, for all Victorians? - (source:

Labor, for all Victorians? – (source:

Just recently, Federal Labor lost an unlosable election because of policies that would make Australian’s poorer than ever before and their futures even more bleak and uncertain. Yet even after analysing why they lost, Labor doesn’t seem to get it and feels that they didn’t sell their policies well enough or shouldn’t have even revealed what they planned to do ‘when’ they won. Right up to polling day Labor believed that they had the election in the bag as voters were saying that they preferred Labor. The reality was that most of these voters were simply saying what they knew was wanted from them, but then went ahead and voted completely opposite to what they said. Voters knew that if they were honest with their intentions, they’d be lambasted by others, so they simply said what was expected and voted for whom they felt weren’t going to completely screw them. Even Sportsbet were so convinced of a Labor win that they paid out to those who bet on Labor winning:

Labor 2019 - (source:

Labor 2019 – (source:

It has been an expensive federal election night for betting agency Sportsbet, which has had to pay out both Labor and Liberal punters.

On Thursday, the agency opted to pay out all bets on Labor, in a strong signal the race was already over.

Over $1.3 million was paid out to those who threw money behind Labor and its leader Bill Shorten, with someone walking away with a $128,000 win.

But back to Labor Victoria. I don’t know what it is about Victorian voters, but they seem to be the most Labor oriented of any state, except maybe South Australia, but even of that I’m not certain. Maybe the unions have a significant influence over many voters, even though the unions are hardly offering much to workers nowadays, being very much Greens supporters and avid climate worriers at the expense of jobs; to wit, Labor has now decided to end logging in all native forests to save the Leadbeaters possum. I can remember the protests of decades ago that closed off many logging areas because of concerns about the survival of the ‘endangered’ Leadbeaters possum and those closures were supposed to have secured the Leadbeaters existence. But now the Leadbeaters possum is once again the justification for closing down all logging in native forests. So has the Leadbeaters possum preservation program been so successful that the possums have now expanded into every nook and cranny of every native forest in the High Country?  How endangered is the Leadbeaters possum if it’s now found throughout the High Country? And all too late and without much conviction our most powerful union lashes out at this new policy, ‘Heartless, stupid’: CFMMEU lashes Andrews over native logging ban‘:

The CFMMEU’s National Secretary Michael O’Connor told The Herald Sun on Friday that the decision announced by Premier Daniel Andrews on Thursday broke agreements between the union and the Victorian ALP.

Mr O’Connor said the logging decision had broken faith not only with blue-collar workers but with regional communities.

“This is not the way to ­respond to an industry facing challenges,” Mr O’Connor said.

“It is a stupid, heartless decision that is out of character for a government that had built a reputation of supporting blue-collar jobs and ­regional communities.

Since when has Labor ever had any interest in jobs and people in regional communities? This policy won’t just kill jobs, it’ll affect the sustainability of many small townships that are the home and support base for an industry that goes back more than 100 years. How many of these townships will die because the workers and their families that provide their lifeblood have to move away? There’s also the aspect of tourism. Some of these small townships are a stopping-off point for travellers into the High Country and once things start to close down, it simply snowballs and soon travellers will pass by without stopping. As always, very little thought has once again been given to the unintended consequences of these Labor/Green policies. Victorian Labor is solidly under the Greens control and the inner city voter, with no concern whatsoever for anyone outside the Melbourne metropolitan area.

Victorian timber workers say their communities will become ghost towns after the Victorian Government announced it will phase out the logging of native trees over the next decade.

Brett Robin, a fifth-generation logger from Gippsland, said the State Government’s plan would result in “tens of thousands” of jobs lost.

Mr Robin told ABC Radio Melbourne only four trees in every 10,000 were being harvested and regenerated, which meant the rest were left alone.

“We’re harvesting and regenerating a natural, renewable resource. What don’t people get about that?” he said.

“I’ve harvested areas my grandfather and great-grandfather have harvested, and they’ve all been regenerated.

“Nothing obviously is high value to our stupid State Government, listening to half a dozen greenies in Melbourne,” he said.

 Fifth-generation logger Brett Robin - (source: ABC)

Fifth-generation logger Brett Robin – (source: ABC)

And while the Department of Environment goes Greener every day, seemingly more than ever an arm of the Greens Party (much like the Bureau of Meteorology), they illustrate exactly how inept and ignorant of they are of Australia’s bush. By their own words they admit that they have no understanding of the bush and what causes bushfires and how to mitigate them. Past bushfires, Royal Commissions and experienced foresters appear to be a complete unknown to this government department and its employees. I suspect that this is because the department is now populated with newly graduated environmentalists, brainwashed into thinking past practices have no place in the modern world. Even our indigenous peoples understood the bush and were able to manage it better than today’s lot.  Little wonder then that we have a state government and environment department publishing these sorts of statements, ‘Worse than Black Saturday: Victoria braced for ‘very extreme’ heatwaves‘:

The Victorian government is planning for a “very extreme” heatwave, worse than the Black Saturday weather event of 2009, with the potential to kill hundreds of people, cripple public transport and the electricity supply and strip $1 billion from the state’s economy.

The Environment Department says it is trying to learn lessons from the 2009 heatwaves [no need to understand heatwaves, learn to understand the Australian bush and the fire risk that it has always posed- ed], which contributed to Australia’s deadliest bushfires, the Black Saturday blazes that killed 173 people, but which also caused 374 additional heat-related deaths.

And with bushfires raging in Queensland and New South Wales, the Labor government in Victoria is now worried about our coming Summer. And well it should be worried, as its done nothing to mitigate the dangers of ever increasing fuel loads in our forests, simply making things worse by reducing the ability to harvest wood that has been long allocated for harvesting. Well might they scream and then wring their hands and express sadness for the resultant death and destruction, hold another Royal Commission and continue to do nothing in the future; rinse and repeat. No, the Victorian government is planning to do nothing as they always have, playing with Fire and Folly writ large in Journalism’s Ashes. The only planning they are doing is how to manage the bad PR that will eventuate from future fires and then inevitably placing the blame on climate change. And this perfectly lays out the problem, ‘The Real Reason Nobody Takes Environmental Activists Seriously‘:

Environmental activists are weird. Filled with a deep-rooted desire to do good, to save the world from imminent destruction, and to preach the ecological gospel to anybody (un)willing to hear it, they wield a surprising amount of influence — in the media if not in the halls of power. They get a lot of cred and admiration for their efforts, but perhaps they shouldn’t.

If we need to reduce our climate impact to save the environment (it’s always unclear what the environment is, and what exactly we’re saving it from), it is the sum of our impacts that matters. If we do enough “bad” in some part of our lives, we shouldn’t applaud ourselves for doing some “good” elsewhere, especially if the impact of the bad completely dwarfs the impact of the good.

Even the celebrated wonderchild St. Greta falls prey to this. In pledging not to fly because of aviation’s outrageously large emissions (per-person emissions, mind you, not in aggregate, where aviation only accounts for 3 percent of global emissions), she famously took a high-tech wind-powered sailing boat across the Atlantic to speak before the UN. The only trouble was that she outsourced the flying emissions to the boat’s crew, several of whom flew back across the Atlantic after delivering St. Greta to the UN’s doorsteps, where she continued to lambast the world’s emitters of climate gases. The total emissions of Greta’s highly politicized non-carbon journey were, in other words, much higher than had she simply bought a standard plane ticket.

As Roger Underwood puts it, ‘The Bushfire-Industrial Complex‘ is a major beneficiary of our do-nothing governments and ‘If the bushfires are evidence of climate change they are also evidence of global climate failure and the need to shift our policies towards adaptation.‘ But governments keep relying on so-called experts even when it’s clear that ‘Climate Science Proves Scams Don’t Die of Exposure‘. So, to put it bluntly, this will never end until sane people are put in charge and especially the Greens are led to pasture (at the very least). The people that claim to care and call themselves responsible environmentalists now realise ‘We thought we had protected these living relics forever‘,  but still don’t realise that they are the ones who are the root cause of all past, present and future destruction.

Update 1. I forgot to add this link which adds some very relevant additional information to this topic validating my observations on the root cause of all past, present and future destruction, ‘Catastrophic Fuel Loads, More Bad Fires, More Business‘:

In my PhD, I find that fires in buildings were common news events, but until the 1920s stories on bushfires were rare.

This change to bushfires regularly making the news followed new, no-burn government policy with ever-tightening restrictions on hazard reductions.

After the no-burn policy’s introduction, the findings of coronial inquiries based on evidence from the then Department of Bushfire Services gave rise to abandoning the strongest chances of putting out fires when they are at low intensity (dawn or at night). Now it is standard procedure to concentrate attacks when flames are too hot to extinguish.

Bushfires have burnt increasingly hotter and more frequently ever since. With increasingly serious wildfires to fight, funding to bushfire services grew. At its 1949 inception, total funds for the NSW Department of Bushfire Services amounted to a few hundred thousand pounds for a handful of staff.

New legislation in 1997 gave more power over hazard reduction to other bureaucratic players, including the Environment Protection Authority, the then Department of Land and Water Conservation and the Nature Conservation Council of NSW.

This made it more difficult for volunteer firefighters to hazard reduce than ever before.

Update 2. And here’s another example of ignoring the elephant in the room, ‘In the path of disaster: The big causes of bushfires that most of us are missing‘.  Once again, the ‘experts’ are blaming people for moving to rural areas. No, dear ‘experts’, the fact that people move to rural areas, which are all potentially bushfire prone, is not the danger. The danger is due to our Green state governments not doing what’s necessary to ensure that bushfires can be mitigated and managed. What’s not being learnt is that if forests in state and national parks aren’t properly managed and fuel loads are simply allowed to grow, bushfires will become increasingly worse:

Bushfires in Australia will cause more and more harm  as greater numbers of people choose to live in the path of disaster, experts say.

Despite repeated warnings, we keep building houses in places that will burn, putting increasing numbers of people at risk.

The continuing expansion of our cities into the urban fringe is exposing more and more people to bushfires.

“We are putting people in harm’s way because of population growth,” says Professor Alan March, an urban planning expert at the University of Melbourne.“

Something is not working in the process of learning from past bushfires,” says Professor McDonald.

Update 3. I posted an update in an earlier post, Bushfires And Climate Change, but I think the article is so important that it needs to be repeated here as well:

And this is what’s really happening and is something that’s basically being covered up by the media, the BOM, universities etc, ‘Raw Data Bombshell: no change in Very Hot Days in Australia since World War I‘. This is why I urge people to look at other sources of information and discussions on climate change so that they become fully informed:

‘Despite the non-stop stories of unprecedented heat the original data at 60 of the oldest sites across Australia shows there are no more Very-Hot-Days now than there were early last century. That’s no trend in 40 degree days for 100 years. No change – that is, until the Bureau of Meteorology adjusts the data…’

‘In 2011, the BoM’s ACORN 1 adjustments wiped out some of the “very hot days” recorded at weather stations in the early 1900s. These were records that had stood for a whole century. Then, quietly six years later, the ACORN 2 readjustments turned the statistical air conditioner on again and cooled people from 100 years in the future.’

‘Despite a community belief that global warming is creating a climate of extremes with more very hot days in Australia than ever before, analysis of the Bureau of Meteorology’s 112 ACORN weather stations shows nothing much has changed since 1910.’

Update 4.  Here’s a very sobering story and something that we in Victoria have very real chance of experiencing, not just once, as we become ever more reliant on ‘unreliable’ energy sources, ‘My Black and Greenish Nightmare‘:

Permit me to recount a short history detailing the reality of life without electricity, something I experienced in Dubai during the massive power outage of 2005.  The reports that followed made light of the incident as just a minor inconvenience. It wasn’t.  Rather, and the reason that nightmare comes to mind all these years later, is the recognition that I was experiencing the Green Dream, the ordeal we will likely suffer this coming summer as a stressed and diminished grid falters and fails.