La Kooka Sriracha

Firstly, apologies for the awful title (pun). Secondly, I must confess from the outset that I’m a Sriracha addict. Sriracha (to quote the manufacturer Huy Fong Foods):

“Sriracha is made from sun ripen chilies which are ground into a smooth paste along with garlic and packaged in a convenient squeeze bottle.”

This is, of course, a very simplistic description, Sriracha is far more than just a chilli sauce. Sriracha is the epicentre of a cult smitten by a chilli sauce like no other.

Sriracha (or Rooster) Sauce - (source: Huy Fong Foods)

Sriracha (or Rooster) Sauce – (source: Huy Fong Foods)

Oddly enough, I’ve been familiar with Sriracha sauce for many years, as it’s often been on the table of Asian restaurants, but supplied in small condiment bowls. It’s been a sauce that I’ve always loved, but never knew what it actually was, not until a friend introduced me to a bottle and then the penny dropped and happiness ensued.

Happy schoolkids - Bali

Happy schoolkids – Bali

Google Sriracha and you will find millions of links to anything and everything about Sriracha sauce. For fans of chilli sauce, Sriracha is not necessarily the hottest in the world, far from it, but where it gets its cult status is that it has this piquant flavour that simply seems to go well with anything. If you look at all the adjectives that describe piquant, you could just as easily substitute piquant with Sriracha. No kidding.

Inquisitive Meerkat - Werribee Zoo Melbourne

Inquisitive Meerkat – Werribee Zoo Melbourne

So if you haven’t tried Sriracha sauce and you don’t mind something spicy, give it a go. But be warned, it can become addictive.