Junk Mail

When we moved to the country in 2011, one thing that pretty much disappeared from our letterbox was junk mail. While we live in a small country town now, our location is just outside the junk mail distribution area, so that we rarely get any of the junk mail that others receive (though in far less quantities than city folk). Funnily enough, when we do receive such mail, it’s with an odd degree of excitement, now that it’s no longer a letter box crammed affair. Gippsland Farmer is always a must read.

A huge pile of junk mail today

A huge pile of junk mail today

Then there’s the other junk mail that, from time to time, surfaces in your email in-box. But frankly, that hasn’t really ever been much of an issue to me, compared to the horror stories I hear from some corners. However, since starting this blog, there’s been a steady stream of spam (just another word for junk mail) coming into the blog, not enough to be an issue, but amusing if nothing else. Akismet kind of sorts things out, but what I find absolutely funny is the type of spam that keeps coming in.

Spam - someone needs some serious coaching

Spam – someone needs some serious coaching

Spam - my exact interest would most certainly not be obtained

Spam – my exact interest would most certainly not be obtained

Are you guys serious? This is the best that you can do? After at least a decade of internet spam, the spammers can’t seem to come up with anything more interesting or attention grabbing than this sort of rubbish. These aren’t even personal, you haven’t thought about my feelings at all! I mean, that IGA catalogue is a ‘Game of Thrones’ episode compared to a parliamentary speech when it comes to WordPress spam. Now it doesn’t matter whether the spam is robot generated or not, some human will create this in the first instance and that person should hang their head in shame.

Spam - WTF???

Spam – WTF???

So come on, make life a little more interesting and try harder and make spam fun to look at, even if we don’t click on the links. Make it good enough and maybe we might even click on a link.

Update: I replaced my existing statistics plugin (because it wasn’t compatible for some reason and stopped working) with the one that comes with the WordPress Jetpack and I now haven’t received one spam since I removed the statistics plugin. Funny about that.