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Life Behind Bars – Part 2

The Grand Ridge Brewery bar itself isn’t overly large compared to some, but there’s certainly no difficulty in getting a great beer even at the busiest of times and, believe me, it can get very busy. The Grand Ridge Brewery at Mirboo North is a well recognised and highly awarded brewery, receiving rave reviews for its craft beers, about which you can read more on their website. The staff are clearly used to the frenetic pace of peak hour and luckily this day we ventured in early, just before the tourist lunch crowds started to filter in. Being one of the first really fine days towards the end of winter, with more good days predicted, the crowds will undoubtedly increase.

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Life Behind Bars – Part 1

While rummaging around in my photo folders recently (that’s the computer type of folder), I came across several photographs that I’ve taken inside pubs/bars over the years while out to dinner or the like. I’ve never used them for any specific purpose and have probably taken the shots because they looked neat or whatever at the time. But on pondering these photographs, I thought that it wouldn’t be a such a bad idea to create a post on bars, considering that pubs/bars are a somewhat iconic part of life in Australia. It’s a pity that I hadn’t thought about taking photos of these before, as there have been some really interesting pubs visited over the years, but I guess it’s never too late to start anything and this time it will be slightly more focussed (photography pun intended). I’ve taken more photos of the outside of pubs than the inside, so that needs to be addressed.

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Birds of a Feather

On a recent week-long camping trip into the Victorian High Country (Bentley Plain), I had the opportunity to photograph a small variety of wildlife that accompanied us and which also visited our campsite on a regular basis. It’s actually great to get out to these more remote areas (though far from unvisited, depending on time of year) and enjoy the peace and quiet of bush life. By no means were we completely out in the boonies; as the predicted weather made certain that we had to settle into a locale that provided reasonable shelter from the anticipated storms (and storms we did get), but bush life it was (in a 21st Century fashion).

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Riverboat 2015

OK, this is not a story about Gippsland, but the blog provides an easier way to let friends read about the trip. And so it was that 2015 saw the Gang of Ten (GoT) descend on Renmark, South Australia, for a week of formidable adventure along the mighty River Murray. The GoT arrived at Renmark on a Tuesday afternoon and, while the Gatherers went into Renmark in search of sustenance, the Hunters were instructed in the finer arts of floating castle handling and the like. And, as the Gatherers’ quest continued into the late afternoon, the Hunters conferred with the gods and performed traditional rituals that would be repeated throughout the weekend.

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A Bush Christmas

Christmas means many different things to many different people and, of course, not everyone celebrates Christmas. Also for many, Christmas isn’t so much a religious thing, but more an excuse or obligation for family and whatever to get together; it can be a blessing or a curse. For us, Christmas has, for many years, been a reason to go going camping in the bush; getting away from the mad, mad, world at perhaps the maddest time of year. We’ve tended to do the family thing a week or more before Christmas Day, so that we can be in the bush well before the post-festive crowds start to dribble in looking for campsites. It also usually means some very relaxing days with friends, both pre and post-Christmas, as they too come in after carrying out their own obligations.

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