Bush Pigs…

…and other brain dead inhabitants of Australia. One of the things that infuriates me more than anything else is the rubbish that bush pigs leave at campsites because they are too lazy to burn what’s burnable and bring back home what is not. Whenever and wherever we go bush camping, we always leave the campsites usually in better condition than when we arrived, certainly never in worse condition. However, that isn’t the case when it comes to many campers, who lack any common decency or sensibility.

Christmas rubbish by the roadside - Goulburn River Victoria

Christmas rubbish by the roadside – Goulburn River Victoria

Neatly packed and stacked rubbish bags, left by the roadside after a week or more of camping, does not indicate that you are a responsible and considerate human being, you are simply a selfish moron. These are the people that are rapidly causing free and generally unregulated camping areas to be closed off for all and sundry, and soon there will be limited free camping in Victoria as a result (it’s already happening). But clearly these people don’t care, it’s probably just a once in a lifetime camping trip, so who cares how they leave the site. There have, of course, been far worse examples of disgraceful behaviour, but they are literally too foul to discuss, let alone post photos.

Used tyres dumped on the roadside - Wyndham Victoria

Used tyres dumped on the roadside – Wyndham Victoria

The other thing that infuriates me, perhaps even more, is the wanton destruction of anything and everything by brain dead four wheel drivers thinking that the world is their personal playground. Today we went for a drive to the Thomson Reservoir to see if there was any snow in the lower lying hills (none unfortunately) and when we got to the dam wall which has a visitor carpark, the grassy knoll at the centre of the carpark had been completely trashed by four wheel drives doing wheelies. It was so bad that I didn’t feel like taking any photos. After nearly 40 years of four wheel driving, I simply can’t remember this sort of thing being so prevalent in the past as it is today.

Thomson Reservoir carpark - Gippsland Victoria

Thomson Reservoir carpark – Gippsland Victoria

This wanton destruction really does seem to be a more recent thing, especially in Victoria. Is it because four wheel drives are more affordable nowadays, especially to young people, than they were in the past and because there simply doesn’t appear to be much respect for anything nowadays. Yes, the grass will eventually grow back, but it’s not the impression left on the grass that matters, it’s the impression left in the minds of visitors and park management that will remain at the forefront for some time. These brain dead four wheel drivers will be the first to howl and complain about track closures and access restrictions into the bush, but completely fail to realise that they are the cause of the closures in the first place.

Thomson Reservoir - Gippsland Victoria

Thomson Reservoir – Gippsland Victoria

I don’t know if there is a solution to these issues, as you can’t make a law preventing people from being stupid, ignorant and selfish, and 24/7 surveillance is impossible (nor do our laws do anything if/when these morons are ever caught). However, it was so busy today at the Thomson Reservoir, and clearly so the entire weekend, that someone must have witnessed the damage being done, but do they dare come forward? That is always the issue.

Update 1: When I wrote this story, it was mainly about many of the camping areas and the like that we visit on our travels, but recently I’ve been witnessing similar behaviour closer to home, to wit, in Mossvale Park amongst other places. On a visit a little while back, I spotted the leftovers from some party goers about 3m from the rubbish bin. Was there any reason why these casks couldn’t have simply been placed in the bin which was virtually next to where they were left? Were they left there with the thought that it would provide continued employment to the council workers that keep the area in a respectable shape?

Mossvale Park - Mirboo North Victoria

Mossvale Park – Mirboo North Victoria

Update 2: And today we noticed more disappointing behaviour, the first being a bag of what appeared to be dog droppings left on one of the posts. Someone went to the effort of collecting this, but then decided it was far too much effort to take it to the bin, which is visible in the middle of the photograph. Nearby there was evidence of what I may assume was the fun had by children, with piles of broken branches strewn on the ground. Or was this evidence of older children playing, given the empty beer bottle not far away? Then further along, someone had decided to pull out all the bags used to collect dog droppings, followed by a half hearted effort to put them back.

Mossvale Park - Mirboo North Victoria

Mossvale Park – Mirboo North Victoria

Mossvale Park - Mirboo North Victoria

Mossvale Park – Mirboo North Victoria

Mossvale Park - Mirboo North Victoria

Mossvale Park – Mirboo North Victoria

Mossvale Park - Mirboo North Victoria

Mossvale Park – Mirboo North Victoria

We cleared away the rubbish, but it simply beggars belief as to how badly some people treat public places, especially ones that provide something unique and pleasant for everyone. Whether it’s unruly children or simply adults behaving badly, I just can’t get over the fact that more and more people show scant regard for the beautiful things that are still available to them, preferring to treat everything that doesn’t belong to them with utter disdain. Some probably treat what belongs to them with similar disdain, but from what I’ve seen over the years, that’s not quite the case. I wish there was an answer to this sort of thing, but sadly it’s become a sign of the times and unlikely to change.

Update 3: And once again I came across rubbish left by inconsiderate people and, most frustratingly, within metres of a rubbish bin. While these bottles were neatly placed on a post and provided a photogenic look in the early morning sunlight, it would have been much better if the health drinkers had walked a few metres and placed the bottles in the nearby bin (what an effort it was to take them to the bin).

If you can carry it in, you can carry it out - Mossvale Park Victoria

If you can carry it in, you can carry it out – Mossvale Park Victoria


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  1. Shawn K.

    “Public land” means you can do whatever you want, right? It’s in the Geneva Convention, after all.

    Not that it makes it any less of a problem at your local park, but it’s a worldwide phenomena. A lack of respect seems to be at the heart of it, and I’m not sure of a solution.

    1. Ray Post author

      A lot of people seem to take it that public land does mean that you can do whatever you want and exercise that option at every opportunity.

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