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BMPCC4K – Rode Wireless GO

The more video I do (or practice), the more audio comes into play and problems need to be resolved. I’ve already spoken about the issue with low audio volume when using external microphones (mics) with the BMPCC4K and the way I went about trying to get better audio. But the issues didn’t end there, I was now becoming frustrated when using Lav mics and recording to an external recorder, whether the Olympus or the El-Cheapo. The major problem was forgetting to turn on either the external audio recorder, start the audio recording or synchronise the audio with the clicker, or forgetting to do all three. So as I read more articles and watched more videos about wireless mics, especially Lavalier (Lav) mics, it became clear that I would be better of with a wireless mic where the receiver could connect directly to the camera audio input. This meant no synchronising in the video editor, saving time and the need for separate (and expensive) audio synchronising tools.

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The Art Of Photography

Since I started to become more involved in video, I haven’t done as much photography as I had previously but that doesn’t mean I’m ignoring photography, it’s just that I’m more on the lookout for ideas for video. That said, I’m still very much into keeping abreast of what’s happening in the photographic world, as story ideas do have a lot in common with what I want to cover in video. Often photography and video are quite complementary. But there is one thing I’ve become aware of, now that I’ve been more focussed on video and it’s what appears to be somewhat of a diminishing world of photography, somewhat akin to what I wrote about in the last photography frontier. Photography isn’t disappearing by any means, as more photographs are now taken every day than were perhaps taken in the first 100 years since photography was invented. In 2017, it was estimated that 1.2 trillion photographs were taken annually, mostly with mobile phones. What I mean is that photography seems to have become so pervasive that finding a way to make photographs stand out is becoming far more difficult than ever before.

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A number of recent articles in various online media sites really began to annoy me due to the manner in which various subjects were presented. It’s not bad enough that we are fed constant propaganda by the media on all manner of issues, but it’s worse when these issues are distorted so that it leads people to believe that what is being said is the absolute truth of the matter. As always, ‘experts’ are being quoted as having done some form of research and then come to the conclusion that fits the latest impending calamity, the favourite driver of our nanny state adherents. It doesn’t matter what the subject is, as long as it follows the approved thought, it’ll be made to look good; but if it follows non-approved thoughts, it’ll be made to look bad. Sometimes there’s no attempt to even make the so-called research or reporting appear unbiased, assuming a complete reliance on people not being capable of critical analysis.

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The Winds Of Climate Change

In our township, local letters to the media always seem to be claiming the need for more ‘climate change’ action, though I have no idea whether it’s just a very vocal minority making all the noise or an indication of a wider concern. Certainly people I come across on a regular basis don’t exhibit climate change fear and simply consider it a fuss about natural events over which we have absolutely no control. I often suspect that many of the very recent ‘tree changers’ from Melbourne suburbs have increased the number of warming worriers, given that it’s increasingly the metropolitan dwellers that appear to have become infected by the propaganda of fear pushed by the media. When we have a record early snow season, despite warnings that it will never snow again, it’s somewhat difficult to think that the planet is experiencing catastrophic global warming. Nonetheless, there are those who live in daily fear of roasting alive whenever they venture onto the streets and push for all manner of renewable energy so that Australia can turn off the heating switch.

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BMPCC4K – The Rig Gets Better

Again, the more things change the more they seem to stay the same, sort of. As I get to use and practice with the BMPCC4K and the rig, there are small and not so small issues that arise and which need to be addressed. One thing that I’ve been waiting impatiently for is for someone to produce a small and affordable Electronic Viewfinder (EVF). But, sadly, no one has yet taken up the challenge and so the only option was to get a larger and brighter field monitor. And, as I started to use more lenses with the camera, I found that changing the position of the follow focus and matte box introduced its own problems, so more things to remedy.  Additionally, I really wanted to have a slider with me when I went on our bush trips, but the 120cm one I had was simply too cumbersome to take along, so that issue also needed to be addressed. While some of these appeared to be minor issues, some ended up being quite annoying in the long run.

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Netflix Et Al

After refusing to enter into any sort of pay TV deal for the last decade and more, I’ve finally succumbed and signed up to Netflix. It wasn’t so much for my benefit as I just don’t watch a lot of TV at the best of times, though I guess I’ll get something out of it as well, but it was more to relieve my wife from the hell that’s become free to air TV. There’s hardly anything to watch on TV and when something does come up, it’s so rife with ads that it becomes sheer torture putting up with the increasingly stultifying ads thrust onto the viewers. If it’s not the 100th time for crappy knives, bamboo pillows, ladders, wrenches, funeral insurance or another charity and the like, it’s just more ads telling you what’s coming up in the next day or week (and that’s just in one day). The basic fact is that TV stations really have little to broadcast nowadays and so fill in interminable hours of emptiness with ads. And this seems much worse with our satellite TV that is from northern Australia.

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Recycle Our Councils

Back in the old days, for those who can remember, the core business of councils was ‘roads maintenance, rubbish removal and basic infrastructure’, everything that supported the wellbeing of ratepayers. Now it seems that all of that has been contracted out and the basic responsibilities of a council towards its residents ostensibly handed to third parties, who have no vested interest in its citizens. Many government entities do this based on the argument that it’s not their ‘core’ business. All that councils (all councils) seem to be interested in are non-essential things such as art, ideology, social justice, politics and furthering councillors’ political ambitions. We moved some years ago from one of the worst rated councils, Wyndham, to one that is now fracturing at the seams as infighting and personal vendettas have forced administrators to take control. “South Gippsland council can ‘reflect on failure’ after suspension. The whole point of councils seems to have evaded our elected members as things fall completely into disrepute.

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Political Stupidity

There’s an old saying that go along the lines of ‘We deserve the politicians that we get’. Basically we vote in the best of a bad bunch, or some vote for those who they think can give them the most free stuff, and then complain when things don’t turn out as they’d hoped (just watch the future of the Warringah electorate when the chicken comes home to roost). The Australian way (and maybe the British as well) often tends to be a matter of voting for the individual who is the most popular, but not necessarily the smartest. Hence why so many ex-sporting stars turn to politics, feeding off past glories (we are after all a nation of sporting fanatics). So it’s rare to actually vote for the party that is likely to be the most responsible when it comes to running the country and who will really look after the most important aspect of our nation, its economy. Today especially, politicians seem to be completely poll driven, reacting just to the popularity stakes, rather than standing on long-term principles that everyone can understand, whether those principles alienate some of the population or not.  Continue reading

Mother’s Day

There’s nary an occasion that exists today where some ‘woke‘ Social Justice Warrior (SJW) doesn’t want to ruin it for the majority in the name of inclusiveness or some other meaningless brain fart. This time a school in Brunswick, Melbourne, decided that Mother’s Day was simply too ‘binary‘ and non-inclusive and so had to change it to ‘appreciation’ day. Or more precisely, a stall that used to be called a Mother’s Day stall was renamed to an ‘appreciation stall’. But the intent is exactly the same, remove all reference to Mother’s Day because it’s considered extremely offensive. Once again something that celebrates a normal relationship has been erased, at least at this woke school, and the entire aspect of motherhood demeaned. And given that no SJW wants to be left out (there’s a pun there), I’m certain that this move will be followed by many more woke schools and whatnot in the name of inclusiveness.

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Bureau Of Meteorology

One of the things that just about everyone in Gippsland and most rural areas in Australia relies on are reliable weather forecasts, be it farmers or individuals like me that might be planning a camping trip into the High Country. Knowing what the weather is going to be in the forthcoming days or weeks can be imperative to some, especially farmers when it comes to planting and harvesting crops.  Obviously the only source for Australian weather comes from the Bureau Of Meteorology (BOM). However, the BOM is, more often that not, thought of as the BOG (Bureau of Guesses), as such is the reliability of weather forecasts often ‘predicted’ by the BOM. Many people (and this comes from talking to local farmers etc) look at the BOM forecasts, laugh and plan for the exact opposite. Such is the high esteem in which the BOM’s predictive capabilities are held.

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