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While still in pause mode, I thought I’d add something along the lines of my page on Backyard Critters that contains videos of the various animals that I’ve come across near and far. To that end, I’ll include a this page on Gippsland covering videos that I’ve taken of the natural events that occur in this region. Again, I’ll simply add to this and re-post as new videos arise.

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A Pause

Following on from my post on Change Of Pace, until this virus crap is over, I’m going to pause further posts for the time being. I really don’t want to write stories pointing out absurdities and the like that’s going on at the moment. The world is an increasingly depressing place and I’d really like to get back to writing about Gippsland and more positive stories, rather than how the world is swirling down the toilet. Nothing is happening anywhere and all that we hear on the news is doom and gloom. We’ve only just been allowed ‘some’ concessions as to what can be done in Victoria but, in reality, most activities are still in shut down mode. With Winter on its way, there’s even less happening and I can see things remaining much the same for some time to come.

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Backyard Critters

This particular page is solely intended to be a record of the various videos that I put together that record the numerous backyard critters that live in and about our backyard. Most are directly from our backyard and others from our metaphorical backyard and surrounds, such as the High Country. There’s no story to be told, just a visual record that I’ll add to from time to time. Hopefully YouTube will remain in existence to retain these videos for a long time to come. One day, in the future, it may provide an informative reference as to what we enjoyed in our rural abode and I hope that future generations will continue to enjoy this wonderful wildlife of ours.

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Life Behind Bars – Part 11

If there’s one pub that I’ve been wanting to visit for a long time, it’s the Macalister Hotel in Maffra. I used to live in Sale many years ago and, for the life of me, I can’t remember whether I ever went to the Macalister Hotel for a meal or even just a beer. I know on our 4WD trips we went through Maffra many a time and have done so more often now on our High Country Cruises, but have never stopped there. It’s something that I’ve mentioned a number of times as we’ve driven past, noting that I need to pay a visit. So finally I had the chance to pay that visit as we decided to go out for lunch one Thursday and the Macalister Hotel immediately came to mind. And being one of the first warm and pleasant days this Spring, it was a perfect opportunity to go for a drive. Continue reading

The Police State

As Australia, and the world, copes with the Coronavirus (Wuhan Virus, COVID-19 or what have you), governments around the world and notably in Australia began to impose ever more draconian rules and regulations in order to ‘save lives’. Some of the concerns and the actions were warranted, especially in the early days when little was known about the virus, but many mistakes were made by Federal and state governments and some of these mistakes exacerbated the dangers of this virus. Australia was well placed to avoid the perils that other countries had experienced and continued to experience, yet once again politics as well as experts and the like delivered the wrong assessments and outcomes and continued to do so until virus cases rose and most states, especially Victoria, began to impose restrictions and penalties that resembled a Communist era police state, with associated public support.

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The High Country – Mar 2020

I don’t really know what happened to 2019 as we simply didn’t have a Cruise, with our last one being in Nov 2018. Summer (for what it was) flashed past and then at the end of 2019 when the tracks re-opened, the bushfires started, burning into the New Year and causing us to defer things once again. Things have settled down now, other than flooding rains, but travelling to the East is out of the question as all the tracks are still likely to be closed and will likely be so for some time to come. I’d be very surprised if the majority of tracks will be open by 2021. But once again we were itching to get out and our only option was to go closer to home, which meant around the Thomson Dam and Licola area. This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing though, as COVID-19 and the statewide shutdown may or may not have impacted on crowd numbers, despite there still being a surprising number about on the first day,

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Weddings I think are the sort of thing that you either love or hate. I don’t mean love or hate the idea or concept of a wedding, just the process. Weddings can be incredibly formal and drawn out, or quite informal and relaxed. Church weddings tend to be the most formal and solemn of all but, depending on the setting and the priest or celebrant, a wedding can be quite humorous and relaxing. Being a wedding photographer and/or videographer on the other hand is anything but an informal or relaxing occupation. I’ve done a number of weddings in my time, more than I actually realised, starting in the early 80s, and looking back I’m not sure whether there have been many that I’ve actually enjoyed doing. I came to realise long ago that you have to be of a specific character and temperament to enjoy wedding photography (and lately videography) as an actual full time job, and I have a lot of respect for those that do weddings year after year and do it well.

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Leongatha Show And Shine – 2020

I’ve often intended to visit the Leongatha Show & Shine, but for whatever reason I have always missed it. So this year I made sure that I wouldn’t be doing anything else or forget that it was on. I had no idea what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised at the size of the event and the quality of vehicles that were on show. I remember going to a show & shine event in Townsville many years ago and the what was on display was, to put it mildly, somewhat amateurish. Not a lot of effort had been put into any of the vehicles to make them show worthy, with wiring in many looking like a rat’s nest, as well as hoses and the like looking old and manky. Even though it was a long time ago, people had been doing show cars for much longer and doing so a lot better.

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A Change Of Pace

I’ve been writing this blog for nearly six years now, posting a new story once a week. It’s been quite a labour of love, covering all manner of subject matter and I’ve loved every minute of it. However, lately it’s starting to conflict somewhat with my increasing interest in video. There’s a lot I want to investigate when it comes to video and I want to spend more time doing so. but video is a much more intensive task than photography, which has been the mainstay of my blog along with the writing. What’s more, I’m constantly aware that I need to be working on the next blog story and posting the latest one. A couple of times recently I’ve almost forgotten to finish or post my latest story, as I’ve been too intent on my video endeavours. So it’s becoming increasingly evident to me that I want to give myself more time for video learning and production, but also doing a blog story every week is really beginning to strain the brain cells.

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Nissan GU Patrol Fuel Pressure Valve

It certainly seems that everything has to always come in threes. No sooner had I fixed the belt tensioner and the exhaust manifold gasket than another problem arose. Late last year I did an oil and filter change and at the same time decided to change the fuel filter as well. The Nissan Patrol genuine fuel filter isn’t an inexpensive item lately, though it’s supposed to last around 40,000km (with good quality fuel). But for some reason while searching for filters online, I ended up buying a non-genuine fuel filter that after some searching appeared to be a reputable brand. That was a mistake. After fitting the filter, everything appeared to be fine until I started smelling diesel and, on inspection, noticed diesel around the top of the filter and some stains under the wheel arch. The stain was fairly mild at first, but within a week had increased substantially.

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