A Pause

Following on from my post on Change Of Pace, until this virus crap is over, I’m going to pause further posts for the time being. I really don’t want to write stories pointing out absurdities and the like that’s going on at the moment. The world is an increasingly depressing place and I’d really like to get back to writing about Gippsland and more positive stories, rather than how the world is swirling down the toilet. Nothing is happening anywhere and all that we hear on the news is doom and gloom. We’ve only just been allowed ‘some’ concessions as to what can be done in Victoria but, in reality, most activities are still in shut down mode. With Winter on its way, there’s even less happening and I can see things remaining much the same for some time to come.

What’s worse is that we’re not even out of this virus lockdown panic and the climate catastrophists are already at it hammer and tong trying to wind everyone up once again with their crap. Hazelwood power station chimneys were dropped this week and I wasn’t even aware of that happening, only finding out through the news later that day. Had I known, I could have been at a very nice vantage point to record the event, giving a completely different perspective to what the news showed. But that opportunity is now long gone.

So I’ll leave you with these two videos of happier times and hopefully such will return sooner, rather than later. If something worthwhile does crop up, I’ll do a writ-up.